Best wishes for 2022 Spring Festival

2022-05-14 0 By

Sound blessing, filar silk, string of thoughts, into a gift, stay in your heart, I wish a happy New Year and all the best!Red lanterns hung high, hang out auspicious;Song and laughter bursts of floating, floating out festival;Firecrackers fireworks sound, sound a good;Sincere blessing all hair, a voice: I wish you a happy Spring Festival, happy smile!To the New Year, smile, money to embrace!Paste fu word, Spring Festival, good fortune and luck have come!SMS fly, blessing chase, the God of wealth run behind!I wish a year better than a year!Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the cycle of the four seasons, the Spring Festival comes, at the beginning of the New Year, wish friends: burning the fire of hope, protect a cavity enthusiasm;Tree ambitious goals, add a power;Stand firm belief, create a career;Flat and mentality, keep a lifetime of happiness!The Year of the Tiger;Year of the Tiger eye round, unlimited scenery, career blunt;The end of the year of the Tiger short, trouble not see;Happiness is infinite;Year of the tiger body in vain, good luck does not rest;Tiger tongue licking, New Year wish!At the beginning of the year a day, auspicious good delivery door.Eastern wind to full eye spring, spring scenery full garden huan vitality, western sky auspicious light, radiant protection of the house.I wish you new hope in the Spring Festival, and prosperity in your family and career.Water flows downwards, people go upwards, it is a good time to move on an auspicious day;You move to the fuyuan, will be over the more rich, fuwang wealth, popularity, health and peace.The voice of flowers, spring know;Warm feeling, heart know;New Year’s greetings, you know;And the mobile phone at this time gently chirp, that is my health and happiness to you a sweet embrace!To the New Year, people laugh, Yutu go, golden dragon, auspicious, rush happiness, good luck around;Jinlongdou, wealth to, prosperous career, good fortune;Dragon coiling, home harmony, warm companion, wonderful mood.Good luck and much happiness in the Year of the Tiger.Gongs and drums, laughter, blessing, lion dance, bless quickly to report.In the New Year, I hope you have more wealth thief, cause thief fire, body thief stick, family thief wang, all thief shun, tiger thief cow!Welcome to the Year of the Tiger express, starting on the first day of the New Year, the journey of safe station, health station, happiness station, happy station, good luck station, I wish you a pleasant journey and a happy journey!Happy New Year, all the best year of peace, holding your head high, almost every year, dreams come true rich, brilliant career success, wish you a good year!