Where does the pleasure of ejaculation come from?

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Both men and women have orgasms during sex, and male orgasms are known as ejaculation.Men feel particularly comfortable after ejaculation, and feel a sense of satisfaction after orgasm that makes them feel good.Where does the pleasure of ejaculation come from?Why does male ejaculation feel comfortable?Here is a detailed introduction for you.Male orgasm (sexual pleasure) refers to the sexual excitement after the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine secreted substances on the human body and psychological state of the feeling of extreme pleasure, orgasm in men generally ejaculation, flushed, twitching and other physiological phenomena.Ejaculation is a reflex behavior of male under stimulation, mainly dominated by the brain and spinal cord center.The sexual stimulation men receive during sex is transmitted through the spinal cord to the brain, which gives the order to ejaculate, releasing semen and completing the orgasm process.During this process, the prostate is an important site directly involved in the completion of ejaculation.During orgasm, the prostate gland produces regular contractions and diastolic movements to complete a complete ejaculation process.The prostate is a very sensitive part of the male, semen through the rapid contraction and diastole, which is why the male orgasm will produce one of the reasons for ejaculation pleasure.Prostate is the “lifeline” of men, men once suffering from prostate disease, not only will be greatly discounted in sexual life, even the normal daily life is difficult to get protection.Male friends want to ensure the quality, we must protect our prostate, prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.Prostatitis if prostatitis is not controlled in time, it will make the sexual organs repeated congestion for a long time, resulting in muscle contractions such as cavernous muscle and bulbous cavernous muscle, urethra pressure is insufficient and can not make semen normal “injection”, leading to the contraction of orgasm, reduce the patient’s orgasmic pleasure.Clinical findings, many patients with prostatitis usually accompanied by the emergence of premature ejaculation.Premature ejaculation is sure to ruin our sex life and can lead to a series of family disputes and broken relationships.According to different causes, the treatment of premature ejaculation can be roughly divided into 4 kinds.Psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, surgical therapy and drug therapy.Medication is a common and cost-effective treatment option, with oral dapoxetine hydrochloride tablets increasing ejaculation control and duration in male patients.Protect the prostate is a lifetime of men “top priority”, so in addition to pay attention to their health of body and mind outside, also want to avoid excessive sex and abstinence, drink water more, much micturition, as much as possible to avoid sitting for a long period of time, to uncover her nakedness, extremities especially appropriate for exercise, which can be effective measures to improve the prostate health.