When Gwadar port is operational, malacca’s dilemma is over, and the US has miscalculated again?

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All along, the United States has been trying to control the Malacca Strait, known as the “throat at sea”, to restrict China’s development. After all, eighty percent of China’s imported oil and half of its trade exports pass through here. Once it falls into the hands of the United States, China’s economic development will be severely restricted.However, with the gwadar port leased by China from Pakistan railway officially in operation and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor completed, China’s development will no longer be limited by people.Sorry, America, but your wishful thinking has failed again.Malacca Strait is located between Malay Peninsula and Sumatra Island of Indonesia, is a very important international trade transportation hub in modern times.Nearly twice as many tankers pass through the Strait of Malacca into the South China Sea as pass through the Suez Canal and five times as many through the Panama Canal.Therefore, the Strait of Malacca is equivalent to the lifeline of the sea, whether for China, Japan and South Korea, has a vital significance.Such an important geographical location determines the strategic position of the Malacca Strait.During The second World War, Portugal, the Netherlands and Japan occupied the area, but with the end of the war, the Straits of Malacca was handed over to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to administer jointly.In November 1971, the three coastal states signed a convention on the management of the Strait of Malacca, jointly declaring that they opposed the “internationalization” of the strait and rejected outside intervention.But they greatly underestimated the ambitions of the United States, which has long regarded the Malacca Strait as an important part of its global hegemony strategy.They play up the threat pirates pose to people in the straits and want to move in and form joint patrols with other coastal states.Indonesia and Malaysia both explicitly rejected America’s “good intentions”, but Singapore, an ally, temporarily defected, leaving the door open.In 1990, the United States and Singapore signed an agreement allowing American forces to use a naval base there for resupply.With this military base, the US, with its military might, will have the Strait of Malacca firmly in its hands in 24 hours if anything goes wrong.The United States has taken pains to contain the rise of Our country.Faced with the straits of Malacca, China quickly came up with a solution. The completion of the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline will ensure the daily transportation of 400,000 tons of oil, which is about five percent of China’s total oil transportation. Although not much help, it is still better than nothing.But what really broke the US blockade plot was the opening of Gwadar Port.Gwadar distance is as important as the strait of malacca near the “Persian gulf”, can be firmly grip the from Africa, Europe through the red sea, the strait of hormuz to east Asia and the Pacific region, several important sea routes of the throat, the distance of the world’s major oil supply channels, and only 400 km, the strait of hormuz, the importance of natural high-handed.Always called “Batie”, as the only country in China that does not defend its border, the friendship between the two countries speaks for itself.In fact, As early as 1964, Pakistan decided to build the Gwadar Strait as a port, but it did not have enough financial support.After seeing through the Wolf ambition of the United States, our country deeply realized the importance of energy transportation channels.In 2002, China formally joined the construction of Gwadar Port.After 14 years, Gwadar Port is finally running smoothly.It not only alleviated our country’s looming energy transportation problems, but also promoted the friendship between China and Pakistan.I believe that with the development of time, Gwadar Port not only refers to as a port, there will soon be a pillar of high-rise buildings, let here become a set of multiple functions for the integration of modern transport terminal.At present, Gwadar port is no less capable of handling cargo than any other large port in the world. China’s trade with the Middle East and Europe can be landed here and then shipped to Xinjiang through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).In fact, the United States has also seen the importance of Gwadar Port, and has discussed cooperation with Pakistan for many times, but was rejected by Pakistan, until China joined the formal construction.In order to prevent china-Pakistan cooperation in the construction of Gwadar Port, the United States and the United States have loudly publicized the “China threat theory” in the media and made trouble in china-Pakistan cooperation projects for many times. The bad eating behavior is really ugly!