The pioneers are too stupid!Send clippers to snipe lakers?Equivalent to Ariza Trent +3 chips for air

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The Portland Trail Blazers opted to trade their top two picks, Powell and Covington, for Bledsoe, Winslow, No. 21 pick Keady Johnson and a 2025 second-round draft pick.The Portland trade is the worst of the worst, and the only help is that it will help them get out of Powell’s contract and free up some cap space in the future, since all contracts from the Clippers are expiring.Instead, they lost two of their most prized assets, a scorer known as Bobby Bryant, who averaged 18 points per game, and one of the NBA’s most coveted and coveted 3-D players.This good chip was almost a direct loss to the Clippers, the Blazers were simply wrong.And the point is that the Blazers’ run of things is a trade fiend.After this operation, what did the pioneers get?When they got Covington, they got Trevor Ariza plus two picks, and it was a hard trade for two first-rounders.He also traded Gary Trent and Hood to the Raptors for Powell.Trent has led the Raptors to seventh place in the Eastern Conference, averaging 18.1 points, 2.8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1.9 steals and 40 percent 3-point shooting.So Powell plus Covington equals four chips for the Clippers, which is equivalent to putting the three trades together, so trent plus two first-round picks for Bledsoe, or ariza plus trent, plus Hood plus two first-rounders, that’s five great chips,Got bledsoe and Winslow plus a second-round pick from the Clippers. It was a magical trade.Bledsoe was waived by the Bucks and is now known to be a bad shot.Winslow is, of course, the NBA’s minimum salary vagabond. Is a second round pick worth more than two first rounds?This is the trailblazer, this big operation and deal, in the end for a lonely.With this operation visible, the Blazers had something to lose.And clippers core chip is still an untouched, reggie Jackson, the barca, small morris batum these four true worth the clippers chip, you now the four men didn’t even get a, they might even in packaging this several people to go looking for the nets, see can change to a leave harden in my heart.If so, the Nets get a couple of playable cores in Irving’s absence and the Clippers get a big three, so the Trail Blazers are literally losing money, giving away everything they have.