That’s a record!Xu Xin’s goal was the FIG leaf for China as they lost 3-1 to Vietnam

2022-05-13 0 By

The National football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the match just ended.In fact, it has been less than half a year since the last match between the two sides, but the situation on the field is very different.Less than 8 minutes into the opening, the Vietnamese team left cross, clearly in the penalty area of the Chinese team’s players than the Vietnamese team, but is unable to prevent, Hu Jincai grabbed a point in front of the dragon, the ball into the goal, Yan Junling did not react, The Chinese team to 1-0 down.The good times did not last long, Vietnam in the front of the set piece, and then on the right side of the successful combination, the baseline back to the middle, Ruan Jin Ling robbed the front push into the net, Vietnam made the score 2-0.Although break time for two very important rotation, WeiShiHao and yuning zhang played for national wealth and Alan, but still failed to break the deadlock for China, Li Xiaopeng then changed the great treasure and bin-bin liu in the 67th minute, the Dai Weijun and lei in down, trying to kick the lineup of double center, with a ball over another.But Vietnam soon replaced Pan Wende, a breakthrough in the middle of the Chinese defense exposed a straight line of shooting roma, Pan Wende rushed before the Chinese defense formed a double, left foot volley, the ball bounced after the rebound into the net, even if Yan Junling flying save, also too late.The score on the field has been changed to 3-0, The Chinese team seems to have no way back.The final game time, The Chinese team or long attack.Fortunately, with more than seven minutes of stoppage time, Xu xin grabbed a teammate’s pass at the last minute and pushed his shot into the net to give China a decisive goal and avoid a clean sheet.It can be said that this defeat let the National football team fully realize their true strength.The world football has been making progress, the Chinese team is equal to step back.Not to advance is to fall back, so simple truth elementary school students know.Bad footwork, a disorganized attack is nothing.Can through hard training physical fitness, positive scramble to do not break, but these things, the Current Chinese team, in their body are the same can not see.Fan Zhiyi, a famous Chinese football player, wrote after the game that football has no national boundaries, but it needs to be inherited. If our youth training works well, it will be really good for the development of Chinese football.