Review and analysis of Wang Hao vs Liu Chengmin in men’s table tennis competition of Athens Olympic Games

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2004 Athens Olympic Table tennis men’s singles final, by China’s young player Wang Hao against South Korea’s Liu Chengmin, Wang Hao finally lost to Liu Chengmin, the following building trumpet with everyone a review of the game first, we look at the two sides of the way to advance.Liu Chengmin beat the old tile in the semifinals, can say that Liu Chengmin was in a very good state, but the old tile grand Slam winner, known as table tennis evergreen tree, and the state of the old tile at that time is also very good, the old tile eliminated ma Lin at the peak of his power.When wang is in the semi-final win over wang liqin final, the final will be against ryu seung min by wang wang vs ryu seung min Wang kept all of ryu seung min before the Olympic Games, it to ryu seung min can win but wang also cannot treat STH lightly, because once ryu seung min crazy, absolute can beat anyone.Sure enough, Wang Hao after 6 sets of bitter battle, the final 2 to 4 lost to Liu Chengmin, have lost the weight of the heaviest men’s single gold medal.Liu chengmin served and Wang Hao received the first game. Wang Hao was out of form and lost the first game by a lopsided score of 3 to 11.Improved the second inning, wang hao, the two sides also very anxious, wang hao 11 to 9 to pull eventually became 1 the third and fourth innings, wang hao to 9 to 11 lost the game, the fifth, there is no retreat to the edge of the cliff wang hao, wang hao fought back, than to recover a 11 to 13, the sixth inning, hit crazy ryu seung min is unstoppable:Beat Wang 11-9 and stole the men’s singles gold medal from him with a 4-2 thumping victory.Liu Chengmin let’s look at the reasons for Wang Hao’s defeat: First of all, Liu Chengmin’s mentality is better than That of Wang Hao.Liu Chengmin before wang Hao less negative, so Liu Chengmin did not have any ideological burden, anyway, win is earned, lost is normal.On the contrary, Wang Hao back want to win afraid of losing the ideological burden, feel like Wang Hao in the champion.Wang Hao Liu Chengmin from the characteristics of the two people at that time to analyze, at that time Wang Hao’s most skilled technology or the characteristics of Wang Hao is his backhand, Wang Hao’s backhand is straight horizontal play, but wang Hao’s forehand is relatively weak in 2008 that Wang Hao.Ryu seung-min is a straight one side pull, this type of player once crazy, it is difficult to limit.So when Liu Chengmin hit crazy, Wang Hao is a little powerless.Wang Hao from the pre-game preparation, building trumpet felt like Wang Hao was not fully prepared.Because the state of Liu Chengmin and some of the circumstances in the game a little unexpected Wang Hao.And South Korean player Ryu seung-min prepared very well, Ryu seung-min is all Taiwan with forehand to fight Ryu Seung-min.Follow the game and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!!