Lanterns, paper cutting, yuanxiao round……Fujian teachers and students achieve one “trick” in this way

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Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has become the most popular mascot in the world.No one can resist the cute “ice mound mound” in order to crack down, “a pier is hard to find” the teachers and schoolmates are head homemade “ice mound mound” is expected to achieve one “block” in the ancient city of quanzhou city carp flow flower lantern show, an “ice mound mound” same lanterns “ride” the ancient city bus lane, attract many people watching.The overall shape of the lantern is a perfect copy, but with a twist.The simple and charming “Ice dun Dun” holding a couplet, which reads “North Beijing Winter Olympics south Quanzhou world heritage”, in one hand holding the ancient city characteristic snack garlic rong branch, the whole body color flashing, dynamic.The lantern was made by zhang Yinuo, 9, a student at Quanzhou Tongzheng Central Primary School. She told reporters that the lantern was made with her parents, using materials such as wire, sequined cloth and colored mud. It took two days to make.”Ice dun dun” why holding garlic rong zhi, Zhang Yinuo for reporters “to solve doubts”, the original garlic rong zhi is one of her favorite snacks in Southern Fujian, she would also like to ask “ice Dun Dun” to taste.The couplet of “North Beijing Winter Olympics and south Quanzhou World Heritage” implies the expectation of Zhang Yino’s family for the Winter Olympics, but also welcomes more people into Quanzhou, into the ancient city.”My whole family is watching the Beijing Winter Olympics, and you are welcome to visit Quanzhou.”In the ancient city floating lantern exhibition, there are many creative lanterns made by students like “Bing Dwen Dwen” lantern.The students gave full play to their imagination and creativity, and integrated painting, paper cutting and other skills into the lantern production, creating lanterns of different shapes, and embellishing the ancient city bus with more festive.When the passion of the winter Olympics met with the Lantern Festival;When Bing Dwen Dwen met Tuanyuan, the children of the First Primary School affiliated to Fuzhou Education College made lanterns based on the mascots of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong.In Huacheng community, quanzhou, several students, under the guidance of parents, hand made “ice dun dun” yuanxiao round, creative, enjoy the fun of the Winter Olympics.”Glue ears, eyes and mouth on the white yuanxiao circle, and finally this ribbon.”White chubby “ice dun dun” yuanxiao round lifelike, charmingly naive.Mr. Du, the parent, said: “Now it is hard to find ‘Bing Dwen Dwen’, do it yourself, so that children can exercise their hands-on ability and deepen their understanding of the traditional festival.”As the Beijing Olympics, recently, fujian longyan shanghang county dumpling the central primary school art teacher deng beauty shadow carefully creation completed “celebrate the games are the speed skating and so on more than meet the games paper-cut works, express shanghang county in the paper-cut art crowd into the joy of the games are mood and best wishes for the winter games, the love of the motherland.”The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing. As the host, we Chinese are especially proud and happy!Before the creation, I read and learned a lot of knowledge about the Beijing Winter Olympics, and worked overtime every night to cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics through paper-cutting!”Deng Meiying said excitedly.It is too difficult to make lanterns and paper cuttings. What should I do if I can’t do it?Teachers and students have a way!They use their unrestrained imagination to create unique works of their own!Sanming college students with clay, pigments, and even fruit peels and rice balls with the brush and dab hand made a lovely mascots fuzhou second affiliated elementary school education college students with super light clay, brush, create their own “ice mound mound” fuzhou yan paper screen west elementary school community of teachers and students with creative yan paper painting, creation “ice mound mound”!The children of the kindergarten affiliated to fuzhou Jin ‘an District Teachers’ Further Education School had an intimate contact with “Bing Dwen Dwen” through painting.The exquisite handwork and lovely pictures of the first primary School affiliated to Fuzhou University of Science and Technology (Yangqiao Middle School) and the “Bing Dwen Dwen” of Fuzhou Gulou Experimental Primary School, Overseas Chinese Primary School, Fuzhou Education College and the “Bing Dwen Dwen” of the Affiliated Middle School of Fujian University of Science and Technology all express the best wishes of students in Our province for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”Bing Dwen Dwen” is the mascot of Bing Dwen Dwen.Ice & quot;”, a symbol of purity and strength, is the characteristics of the Winter Olympics.Dun Dun, which means sincere, healthy, lively and lovely, fits the overall image of panda and symbolizes the strong body, tough will and inspiring Olympic spirit of winter Olympic athletes.Through modern and fashionable design, it shows to the world the rich forms, intelligent connotations and colorful styles of Chinese civilization.So many “ice dwen dwen”, which one do you like?