In 1940, the central special cooking class Li Kaiwen stormed yan ‘an prison. Chairman MAO said, “Well done.

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In 1940, the central cooking class of the old squad leader Li Kaiwen comrade as usual to Chairman MAO and other central leaders to send meals, but after he entered the room but found very wrong scene, today’s Chairman MAO is very serious, there is no smile on the face.Seeing that the visitor was Li Kaiwen, Chairman MAO asked with a serious look, “Lao Li, I heard that you smashed up our Central prison in Yan ‘an?Is that the case?”Facing the chairman’s inquiry, Li Kaiwen also dare not conceal, can only nod silently.Chairman MAO however in Li Kaiwen thought will usher in the chairman of the blame, Chairman MAO smiled and said: “hit good, hit beautiful, old Li, I really did not expect ah, you have this kind of courage.”In the face of the chairman’s praise, Lee Kaiwen is also a blank face.So why did Lee smash the central prison in Yan ‘an?Why didn’t Chairman MAO get angry and praise Li kaiwen for doing a good job?What is the story behind this?Li Kaiwen thirty army, the revolutionary predecessors in 1929, the communist party of China in anhui luan and huoshan, a new round of peasant uprising broke out, and the uprising, also known as the jute uprising, the largest farmers armed uprising after ShangNa uprising movement, create anhui revolutionary base for later laid a solid foundation.When the uprising broke out, Lee kai-wen, who was in his late 30s, was deeply impressed. He had no idea how powerful people’s power could be. Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, this group of poor, suffering farmers for the first time burst into anger and drove out the landlords who had been bullying them.In September of the same year, li Kaiwen, oppressed by the landlords, resolutely decided to throw himself into the ranks of the uprising, taking a broadsword film to follow the armed masses began to make a revolution.After the event, all the armed masses involved in the uprising have joined the Chinese Workers’ and peasants’ Red Army, and Li Kaiwen because of the older problem, was assigned to the organization of the Red Army 25th Army 73rd Division 219 group, as a stretcher team monitor.Two years after the Long March, due to the failure of the fifth counter-encirclement and suppression operation, Li Kaiwen and his troops began the Long March.Coincidentally, Lee kaiwen’s troops just passed by his house, and Lee Kaiwen’s wife had just given birth to a pair of twins for him, perhaps afraid of seeing the tears of his wife and children, Lee Kaiwen just secretly looked at a few eyes, and followed the team to walk past.At the beginning of the Long March, Li Kaiwen bravely rushed to the front line, to help the Red Army team to save the wounded, but in a fierce battle, Li Kaiwen was accidentally injured by a shell, resulting in hearing damage.After Li Kaiwen injury, the organization will he transferred to the central Military Commission cooking class, as a cooking commissioner.In turn over the snow mountain lawn, many red army soldiers did find bad dry wood hay make a fire to cook, but such phenomena in Li Kaiwen cookhouse squad has never seen, every time when cooking fires, Li Kaiwen can always take out dry wood hay for everybody to use, and become the and all his army was the first company to make meals.This scene surprised many people, but they never asked. They just asked Lee for firewood when they needed it.But it finally by two female corpsman to unlock the secret, because in the process of marching, the two women found Li Kaiwen always cold, ill, but he wore no thin, and before the start of the long march, Li Kaiwen body has always been very good, so what caused his illness?In order to investigate this problem, two female soldiers specially quietly followed Lee Kai-wen behind, in one morning, accidentally saw a stunning picture.The long March in everyone is asleep, Li Kaiwen has taken the initiative to leave the camp, and find a pile of wet firewood, put them out of water, and then divided into three groups on their own body, with their own body temperature silently drying firewood, finally in the camp, take out has been warm dry firewood for everyone cooking fire.Such behavior, if not for the full loyalty of the party, is absolutely impossible to do, after the event, two female soldiers told everyone about this matter, and Li Kaiwen’s story is also widely spread in the Red Army team.In October 1936, the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army successfully met in Huining, Gansu province, and the Long March ended.After the recommendation of the army leadership, Li Kaiwen was transferred to yan ‘an area work, as the central Organization department cooking class monitor.A year later, Lee kaiwen was transferred to the Central special Cooking Squad as monitor, chairman MAO and other central leaders cooking, and a dry time is 11 years.In the following years, Lee kai-wen also has been recognized as “good temper”, but in 1940, an event, but broke everyone’s perception.Production Movement In May 1940, Yan ‘an was in the production movement, all the communist fighters were engaged in labor production, but Li Kaiwen accidentally yan ‘an central prison to smash, and will directly tear down the prison door.Afterwards, many people could not believe the news, but after seeing the door removed, they gradually accepted the fact.However more people did not think of is, Li Kaiwen after smashing the central prison, not only did not escape, but is the initiative to find the minister of the Central Organization Department Chen Yun.In the face of Comrade Chen Yun’s doubts, Li Kaiwen did not admit his own “crime”, but asked Chen Yun: “Minister Chen, you said that we abandoned our family and son, followed the Red Army revolution for what on earth?Chen Yun Chen Yun slightly feel strange to respond: “old monitor, how do you suddenly ask about this?”Li Kaiwen continued: “We abandoned our families and children, and ran all the way from the Dabie Mountains to this loess plateau, just to follow the Red Army revolution, so that our descendants can live a better life, why now the revolution is not successful, we start to seize our own people?.”Hearing this, Chen Yun but more confused, he calmly said: “old monitor, you don’t worry, this middle is there any misunderstanding, you first things clear, we talk again, ok?”Lee Kaiwen then began to tell the whole story with righteous indignation.It turned out that just a week ago, his old comrain-in-arms Yin Daoshan, in a meal for comrades, was asked by a commander’s secretary to make more meals, but once he made more meals, other people’s meals may not be enough to eat, so Yin Daoshan just words of the resolute.But the secretary saw this as a provocation from a little cook, and began to swear at Yin daoshan, who was so angry that he changed his words.But the secretary became even angrier and shouted in public, “You are a rebellious cook. I think you are a counter-revolutionary. I will kill you.”Then the secretary stormed out.After the cooking team had given everyone a meal in Yindaoshan, the secretary took the security staff into the canteen and accused YinDaoshan of being an absolute counter-revolutionary and insulting the commander.After the cooking class colleagues have also explained for Yin Daoshan, but the security department has not completed the investigation, refused to release Yin Daoshan.Later, Li Kaiwen accidentally learned the experience of this old comrade, and went to the central prison to visit, but in the process of his visit, the guards refused to let Li Kaiwen visit, and frankly Yin Daoshan has been sentenced, and may be shot at any time.Central prison after hear guards, Li Kaiwen very angry, because this small thing, just give a faithful to the party of soldiers to execution, which is also too bossy, so Li Kaiwen, willy-nilly in central prison noot, holding a dozens of catties of stone, give smashed into breaking up the central prison gate.After knowing everything, Chen Yun also felt very angry. He suppressed his inner anger and said:”Thank you, old monitor, if not you tell it to me, I don’t know, is also too bold, these people who give their rights, let they dare to arbitrary framing a revolutionary fighters, this is an extreme bureaucracy, you rest assured, I absolutely will scrutiny, will give out the bad apples.”Two days after Chairman MAO, Chen Yun dealt with the matter swiftly, releasing Yin Daoshan from the central prison and dealing with the arrogant secretary seriously.However, a week later, Li Kaiwen went to deliver dinner to Chairman MAO as usual, but Chairman MAO looked at Li with a serious face and said: “Lao Li, people say you have a good temper, but I didn’t expect you even dare to blow up the central prison, is there such a thing?”Seeing Chairman MAO also know this thing, Li Kaiwen also did not hide, nodded to admit down.Chairman MAO carefully observed Li Kaiwen for a while and sighed, “I can’t see it. You are very bold, Li.”Li Kaiwen looked at the chairman so serious, Li Kaiwen hurriedly review way: “I am a rough man, no culture, do things without brains, will only use brute force, I was wrong, chairman.”Hearing this, Chairman MAO laughed and said, “You are right. You have done a good job in this matter. If I had known, I might have hit the central prison too.”Lee kaiwen was waiting to be criticized, but was greeted by the chairman’s appreciation, he puzzled to ask: “You don’t blame me?”Chairman MAO said:”Why not blame, blame you, you this time in the middle of the tooling is smashed the prison, but in secret really effectively hit the bureaucracy,” by your alarm, everyone began to strict with himself, with the yenan ethos is better, the most important thing is that after you remind, we are aware of some deficiencies of the party, convenient we correct these errors,It’s all thanks to you, Mr. Li.”Facing the chairman’s praise, Lao Li felt his head embarrassedly.In 1949, at the age of 51, Li left the special Zao Class and was sent by the organization to the Central Cadre Culture School to study.Before he left, Li Kaiwen to chairman MAO, active in the face of the company for 11 years old friends, chairman MAO held her hand for a long time did not put down, and said with tears: “Lao li ah, you go to school to study, must try to ah, etc. Since our victory in the revolution, countries will have a lot of things to deal with, can not have no culture.”Fighting back tears, Lee said: “Chairman, you can rest assured, I will never give you a loss of face, I will study hard.”Chairman MAO continued: “It has been eleven years. It is not easy for us to get to where we are today. You should often come to see me in the future.Choking back tears, Chairman MAO Said, “I will come back to see the chairman.”In the central cadre culture school, Li Kaiwen belongs to a group of older, learning ability is also relatively poor, but in order to live up to the president’s instructions, Li Kaiwen endured the whole body discomfort, in the classroom for two years, learned more than 1200 words, learned the simplest reading and writing.Two years later, Li Kaiwen graduated from the cadre school, and was assigned to tianjin Sugar factory as factory director, but was directly rejected by Li Kaiwen, to know that no matter at any time, “sugar” is the necessities of life, and sugar factory director is also a oily position.The sugar factory organization decided to give the position to Lee Kaiwen because he had worked hard for the Party for more than ten years and was very loyal and honest. However, Lee kaiwen thought he was too old and wanted to leave the position to a younger and more capable man, so he gave up the opportunity.Later, Lee kaiwen saw Chairman MAO again, when Chairman MAO asked: “Why not go to tianjin sugar factory?”Li kaiwen replied, “No matter how sweet the sugar in Tianjin sugar factory is, it cannot match the sweetness of the water in my hometown.”Hearing this, Chairman MAO sighed: “You ah, this is to return to the roots.”Li Kaiwen’s former residence Li Kaiwen said: “ALTHOUGH I now know some words, but is not a factory director material, I want to go back to my hometown, find their own capable work, continue to make contributions to the organization, after all, there do work is the same, as long as it is for the party and the state work, that line.”Chairman MAO laughed and said, “You can go back, but don’t forget me. Remember to write to me. Wherever you go, remember that you are from the central government.”A few months later, Li Kaiwen left Beijing, back to the anhui luan, the local government is also considering the revolution Li Kaiwen background, intends to appoint his deputy as jinzhai county magistrate, yet Li Kaiwen again rejected, tianjin sugar mill thousands of people, can’t he have no matter, now suddenly let him thousands of a county, of course he didn’t want to.Li Kaiwen tombstone finally under the repeated compromise of local government, Li Kaiwen was arranged in the ring yamadera grain supply center as a small master, for decades, Li Kaiwen never to let their glorious history, everyone thought he was an ordinary soldier, only a few leaders know that the seemingly ordinary old man, but was a chef around national leaders.In 1992, Li Kaiwen died at the age of 94 in Xiangshansi Village, Huaishuwan Township, Jinzhai County, Anhui Province.