I’m not afraid to be different

2022-05-13 0 By

In a cafe, there was a man who did not look at his cell phone, nor did he hang out with others. He just sat alone, drinking his coffee, and did not communicate with anyone..Like a mental patient.It reminds me of a story in the Book of song written by Shen Yue in the Southern Dynasty: once upon a time there was a country with a river named “Wild Spring”.The people drank from the wild spring and went mad without exception.Only the king drank from the well and did not go mad.But because the people were all mad, they thought the king was a crazy freak.So they discussed how to cure the king of the “crazy disease”, so they arrested the king, gave him acupuncture and medicine, what method used.The king could not bear the torture, so he took water from the spring to drink, as a result, the king, like everyone else, also became mad.So there was no one in the country who was different, and everyone in the country was very happy.In fact, most of the time, the terrible is not a person’s madness, but the collective madness.When turbidity becomes the norm, innocence becomes a sin.Therefore, most of the time, I am not happy, it is not that no one understands, I do not mind what others think of me, but I have too many interests and pursuit, but not enough time, I have to do subtraction, always give up those dreams in my heart.For me, the greatest blessing is the quiet life of a good book, a long night and a cup of hot tea.We live in an era that gives us full freedom and security. There is no war and no centralized power. We live in the era of “we media” where we can let our thoughts blossom and bear fruit.I am very grateful and cherish this freedom, just ask the child can grow up quickly, self-reliance, in order to give me a little more time.I’m not afraid to be different. I just hope THAT I can take responsibility for myself, and let my children have this responsibility, not just to live, but to live passionately, we don’t want to be weak, and don’t need others to tell us what to do.Down-to-earth to live well every day, do their own work, do their own love, do their own ability within the perfect, worthy of heaven and earth.