European football’s options: The Champions League final will be staged on different sites, and many World Cup qualifiers will be moved to neutral venues

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Ukrainian midfielder Malinowski, 28, scored twice in atalanta’s 3-0 win over Olympiakos in the second leg of their Europa League play-off on Sunday.After scoring the second goal, Malinovsky pulled back his shirt and walked down the line, revealing a white T-shirt that read “No war for Ukraine”. Surrounded by his teammates, he clasped his hands in silent prayer before returning to the centre circle to continue playing.”We are all going through a difficult time at the moment, especially for Malinowski.On the morning of the match I asked him if he was ready to play because his parents and other family are in Ukraine.”After the game, Atlanta coach Gasperini revealed.With the sudden change of situation in Russia and Ukraine, European football has also been affected, malinowski is the epitome of a large group, in the choice and watch, they are faced with a dilemma.On February 17, a virtual light show was put on in the Palace Square of St. Petersburg, Russia, featuring the Cathedral of Isar Kiev, the Palace Bridge, the Peter Paul Fortress and the bronze Knight statue.This is for the 100 – day countdown to the champions league final warm-up activity, according to the plan, this season’s champions league final on May 28, held in Russia’s gas arena, May 26 solstice on May 29, st. Petersburg palace square will also be a section “the champion”, then there will be a series of large-scale entertainment, foil the atmosphere of football at the weekend together.There are strict standards and procedures for the selection of venues for the UEFA Champions League final. Only more than 30 stadiums in Europe with the “five-star certification” of UEFA are qualified to host the Uefa Champions League final, and they also need to go through a series of assessments by UEFA. Russia, far away from the European football center, has only hosted the UEFA Final in 2008.On May 21, 2008, the reigning English champions Manchester United won the Champions League for the third time after beating Chelsea on penalties after 120 minutes at The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.But that review is now moot.On 25 February, UEFA president Giovanni Chevelin called an extraordinary meeting of the executive committee to assess the situation and take all necessary decisions.As a result, this year’s Champions League final has been moved from St. Petersburg to Paris.Uefa is also reported to be considering scrapping Gazprom’s sponsorship contract for the Champions League and the two Subsequent European Championships.Nord Stream 2 is a project led by Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas producer, in collaboration with Engie of France, Austrian oil company, Royal Oil Company (Yellow Shell), Uniper energy of Germany and Wintershall of Germany.In contrast to the cumbersome relocation of the Champions League final, progress in the Euro qualifiers has been more affected.The Associations of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic issued a joint statement recently refusing to travel to Russia to play their World Cup qualifiers. “We hope that FIFA and UEFA will respond and provide alternative proposals as to where the upcoming World Cup play-off matches will be held.””The statement read.A total of 12 teams are divided into three groups, with the winners of each group qualifying for the World Cup finals.Russia, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic are in the same group. In a statement issued on the same day, UEFA confirmed that the two World Cup play-off matches between Russia and Poland and Ukraine and Scotland would be played on neutral grounds.If Ukraine or Russia progress to the group’s play-off final, the match will also be played on a neutral ground.Drift “miners” and lockout league rodion malinovsky is not lonely, earlier in the day of the 1/8 uefa champions league final first leg match, benfica home 2-2 draw with ajax, the 71th minute, Ukraine striker the Salem cukor scored the equaliser for benfica, then he takes off his coat to reveal a breast Ukraine flag.The yellow card, in response to the ceremony.During the Europa League match between Barcelona and Napoli, which featured banners reading “Stop the war”, the referee was Russian Aleksandr Karashov.Among the many voices, Ukrainian soccer icon Andriy Shevchenko has undoubtedly received the most attention.The dynamo Kiev striker was the world’s top scorer at the peak of his career with AC Milan, winning the 2004 Ballon d ‘Or and the 2005 FIFA Football Award.In the summer of 2021, he led the Ukrainian Youth team to an impressive performance in the European Championship, “…We’ve been through a lot of tough times in the last 30 years…Today is a difficult time for all of us, but we have to come together and stick together.”Shevchenko wrote on social media.This, the Ukrainian league and the related teams feel more deeply undoubtedly.As “second tier” of European football, the Ukrainian league was the turning point of many international career, some people from here into five league and the clubs in hand, some people turn the station league for a more lucrative contract in Asia, the Chinese super league has once the teixeira is jiangsu su ning to spend 50 million euros in 2016 from donetsk shakhtar introduction.This weekend is the scheduled restart of the Ukrainian Premier League, which has been taking a long break since its winter break in December.However, with the change of the situation, the Ukrainian super league officials announced that due to the martial law, the league has been postponed.The situation is no stranger to the Reds, who had to postpone the second half of the 2014 season.In 2014-15, the League was reduced from 16 teams to 14.In 2016-17, that number was reduced again to 12.With the Ukrainian football association on the verge of collapse, it is increasingly difficult to find a replacement club.Currently, Shakhtar Donetsk is 42 points ahead of Dynamo Kiev at the top of the Ukrainian league.The Giants of Ukrainian football, who feature a host of eastern European nations, scored five goals in a home and away double over Real Madrid in the 2020-2021 Champions League group stages.In contrast to the scene on the court, the team has been drifting in recent years.Since 2014, the team has been forced to spend eight years on the road in various cities, in lviv, Kharkiv, Kip and other temporary home, they achieved the league “five consecutive wins”.Downtown Donetsk, the Donbass Arena — a four-star stadium with a minimum capacity of 50,000 — was once the home ground of Shakhtar Donetsk.In 2009, the stadium hosted Beyonce’s I Am world tour, and since 2014, it has been the site of two major artillery attacks. Now, can they wait for their own team?Only time will tell.Shakhtar Donetsk: The last UEFA Cup winners Shakhtar Donetsk has won the Ukrainian League 11 times and the Ukrainian Cup 12 times, defending the glory and dignity of Ukrainian football together with Dynamo Kiev.In The European competition, Donetsk absenteeism has also repeatedly wonderful performance.In the 2009 UEFA Cup, they knocked out fellow club Dynamo In the semi-finals to reach the final, where they beat Bundesliga powerhouse Werder Bremen to win the title.It was not only the first time a Ukrainian team had won the continental European competition, but also the last uefa Cup victory in history.