Daye City Jinniu town integrity school fees

2022-05-13 0 By

According to a local netizens, daye county town of Taurus the school the cost of a semester is close to tens of thousands of good faith, odds and ends at ordinary times small fees problem, not to mention their children read a grade in the school, the school paper one-time charge upwardly adjusted, materials, operating costs, winter vacation again test the fee charge 500 yuan, netizens questioned,Do not know this 500 charge is why, consult bureau of daye education, but the phone get through has not been picked up, do not know who to ask, the school a charge parents only know to pay money.Daye Education Bureau replied: After investigation, the situation you reported is basically true, 500 yuan fee consists of the following two parts: first, according to the documents of the two items of 90 yuan in total, including the entrance examination fee of 75 yuan, physics and chemistry experiment operation and sports examination fee of 15 yuan;Two, the advance charge of 3 items total 410 yuan, including “high school entrance examination review guide” 174 yuan, the subscription of high school entrance examination review materials 234 yuan (according to the original price of 4.7 percent discount charge) and physics, chemistry experiment consumables 2 yuan.The second advance charge is voluntary for students. Those who do not wish to register can apply for a refund after the semester begins.