Covering more than 10 residential areas, the 20-year-old “old age” vegetable market is a new spring greeting | Love life warm heart spring

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Today (January 30) is New Year’s Eve, every family is preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner, Shencheng is full of New Year flavor everywhere.If you want to find the most authentic Taste of New Year, you must visit the vegetable market.This is the place with the most fireworks, precipitation of the city’s food culture and the most original taste of the New Year.Xuhui Yishan vegetable market is located in tianlin, surrounding more than 10 communities, because the price is cheap, complete variety has always been the residents love “vegetable basket”, many residents would rather walk more road, will choose to buy vegetables here.However, the market has been open for more than 20 years, and has undergone standardization and transformation during this period, but the internal environment is always outdated, which has become a concern of the “ma Aunt”.Last year, Tianlin Street put yishan Wet Market on the agenda. After six months of upgrading, the market, now in its 20s, reopened in time for the Spring Festival, allowing residents to shop in a comfortable environment.The market was bustling with customers.As soon as you walk into the market, it seems that you have entered the New Year’s meeting place. The festive red lanterns are hung up and the New Year’s greetings are seen everywhere, adding a joy to the citizens who buy vegetables.The reporter understands, in the process of the reconstruction of the market according to the business category to reorganize and market stalls, functional partition according to the fresh, live, raw, cooked, dry, wet goods strictly separated, divides the ShuCai District, meat, aquatic products, counters, such as grain and oil area, let to buy vegetables citizens can easily 索骥 as needed.After transformation, dry anti – slip floor tile lets the aquatic product seafood area of the first floor change before the ground wet slippery.In the central area, a wide variety of seafood is neatly arranged on a large chilled cabinet.Close to one side, transparent water tank row open, fresh river clear at a glance, convenient for citizens to choose.This year, due to the epidemic, many people choose to spend the Spring Festival at home and come early to buy food for the New Year’s Eve dinner.The best business on the number of cooked food, white cut mutton, roast chicken roast goose, all kinds of gravy.Freshly made fish balls, meatballs and smoked fish are especially popular.Eel xiang is indispensable dish on the Dinner table of Shanghai people’s New Year’s Eve.The eel must be blown by the northwest wind to have a unique, fragrant mixed taste.Reservations are made more than a month in advance.These days, there are no eel left in the stall.A citizen who bought eel told reporters that he had ordered it before the winter solstice, steamed it at home, tore it on the dinner table on the Eve of the New Year, and it was the taste of the New Year.The brand new food market not only has food materials, but also a variety of red envelopes, “fu”, “couplets” and other festive decorations, which are also popular with the public.In particular, at a flower stall, many residents were buying New Year’s Eve flowers to make their homes more festive.A citizen said: carnations represent longevity, wish the elderly health.Silver willow on behalf of prosperity, next year even better!Considering the demand for food during the Spring Festival and the impact of the epidemic, most of the market operators plan to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival and continue to serve the citizens during the Spring Festival to ensure the supply of festive tables.Vegetable market management personnel introduced, Yishan vegetable market on weekdays in the passenger flow of 20,000 or 30,000, during the Spring Festival will reach 70,000 or 80,000, the transformation of the market focus through the transformation of the layout of the booth counter, widened the aisle, re-planning the market inside the moving line, so that the public travel more comfortable.In the process of reconstruction, the market also paid special attention to adding humanized facilities. For example, on the second floor, the market opened a rest area and placed benches for citizens to rest.Two lifts and two passenger and cargo lifts will also be put into operation after the holiday to provide convenience for the public and businesses.Not only the citizens who come to shop, but also the stall owners of the market also enjoy the benefits brought by the upgrading and reconstruction. The utilization rate of stalls is increased, and the improvement of the environment also attracts more customers.Some seafood stall owners have been operating in the market for 17 years, she told reporters, these two days business is better than before, “the environment is better, the ground is clean, the room is brighter, people are willing to come closer to choose, if the ground environment is dirty, people will think our things are not fresh.”The vegetable stall on the second floor had a large quantity of goods bought every day, but the stall area was small before the reconstruction, so sometimes the goods had to be piled in the corridor. “Now the stall is much larger, we can handle the goods in it without occupying the corridor and stacking them more neatly.”It is understood that the first stage of the market transformation has been completed, the opening of more than 280 stalls, including non-staple food, vegetables, pork, seafood, fruit, north-south goods, grain and oil, flowers, etc., the subsequent market will introduce a variety of well-known brands of breakfast, cooked food, home appliance repair, etc., is expected to reach more than 350 stalls.Yishan vegetable market management staff Wang Tiancai introduced, the follow-up in the south of the first floor of the market will also set up a comprehensive convenience service area, for community residents to provide daily provisions, household appliances maintenance, hairdressing and other services.The reporter understands from tianlin street, the market’s internal reconstruction to upgrade is a part of the comprehensive transformation of the market.At present, the street has cooperated with the simultaneous reconstruction of residential roads around the market, and the illegal stalls around the market have been remedied, and new walls and access control systems have been built for the safety of residents around the market.In the next step, the street will further optimize the functional layout of Yishan vegetable market, improve the management level of the market, add community canteens, party-mass service stations and other functions, improve the “15-minute convenient living circle”, enhance the happiness and satisfaction of citizens.”Poetry and distance” is here!Good place at xuhui people’s gate day and night!”Guardians” at the grassroots level of the city build the city mark of Shanghai culture on the front line of epidemic prevention with love.Photos!Xuhui street has a way of helping the old!100% sign up!The final word on this old renovation project!Source: Xuhui, Shanghai