Zhuoyi technology in 2021 losses narrowed significantly compared with the same period last year, the future business situation may be better

2022-05-12 0 By

Zhuoyi Technology (002369.SZ) January 27 evening disclosed the 2021 annual performance forecast, the company is expected to achieve last year’s annual operating revenue of 2.45 billion yuan – 2.55 billion yuan, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is a loss of 150 million yuan – 190 million yuan.Compared with the net profit of 607 million yuan in the same period of 2020, zhuoyi’s loss amount in 2021 has narrowed significantly.According to the announcement, there are three main factors affecting the performance of Zhuoyi Technology in 2021: one is the lack of core problems resulting in a decline in revenue and profit;Second, the company’s new Plant in Heyuan will start trial operation in 2021, but the production capacity is not fully released, but the high initial investment and high fixed cost lead to a large loss;Third, the net loss of RMB 30-50 million yuan still occurred after the balance of non-recurrent profit and loss.Analysis believes that the main factors leading to zhuo Yi’s loss in 2021 are short-term factors, and the situation is expected to improve from 2022.As for the lack of core, under the pressure of supply and demand imbalance between capacity shortage and strong demand, the global foundry industry has been expanding production. ICINSIGHTS research report estimates that global semiconductor capital expenditure will reach a record us $152 billion in 2021. As global chip capacity increases, the lack of core is expected to ease soon.Chu Qing, CEO of Unigroup, said chips are expected to move from a supply shortage phase to an adequate supply phase starting from the third quarter of 2022, after experiencing a supply shortage for nearly a year.About the short-term loss of heyuan’s new factory.As is known to all, it takes a certain climbing period for new production base and new products to be put into production and stable mass production, and the product yield rate is relatively low in the initial mass production of new products. It takes a certain period of time to continuously improve production capacity to achieve scale effect and upgrade product quality to improve yield rate, and the project will enter the profit period.After a trial run in 2021, Zhuoyi’s new Heyuan plant is expected to be on track in 2022.According to the announcement, Zhuo Yi’s non-recurring profit and loss in 2021 was mainly due to the scrapping of some special production tools and fixed assets at the end of their life cycle.But that doesn’t happen every year, and the company’s non-recurring profit and loss is expected to improve in 2022.It is not difficult to see from the above that the performance loss of Zhuoyi Technology in 2021 is mainly affected by short-term factors, and these short-term factors affecting the company’s performance are gradually eliminated. Once these short-term adverse factors are eliminated, zhuoyi technology is expected to recover gradually.