Shock up!Temperatures will remain low in most areas.Next weekend jiangnan probability to open the spring process

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△ Temperature forecast of major cities (Central Meteorological Observatory/issue) Beijing Express on February 20, “Rain”, the traditional 24 solar terms, has arrived in a blink of an eye.The national weather scene this week (Feb. 14-20) is still dominated by a battle between warm and cold air, according to experts.The cold air will split in two, with one part moving south from the northeast and the other moving east from the northwest.Therefore, under the intersection of cold and warm, you can see rain, snow, wind, cooling and other weather.However, such a pattern, has been difficult to continue.Experts said that according to the latest meteorological data analysis, in the next two days in central and eastern China, the temperature is still generally low, south China is still very wet and cold.However, temperatures in most parts of the country are expected to rise from Wednesday.The temperature shock will continue to rise until early March, reversing the recent cold situation.It is worth noting that the industry stressed that it is not difficult to find the situation, through the temperature forecast of some cities, the cold and warm contrast before and after the next week is very large;For example, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Nanning and Haikou will return to 20℃ next weekend;The highest temperature in Nanchang will reach 20 degrees Celsius on May 27, and spring is likely to start in Gangnam around May 26 (Next Saturday).* Editor’s note: The above text aims to convey more up-to-date information.Copyright content, without permission, is strictly prohibited.(You can send us a private message of relevant clues, or leave a comment at the end of the article to give the first feedback of relevant clues in your hands.)One heart!Fight the epidemic!Look out for each other!Overcome the difficulties together!↓↓↓ ↓ Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.Left left left