Jiaozuo seed financial services symposium held in jiaozuo branch of agricultural Development

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Recently, jiaozuo city seed industry financial services symposium held in jiaozuo city branch of agricultural distribution.The conference was hosted by jiaozuo Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China and undertaken by Jiaozuo Branch of Agricultural Development Bank. Representatives of jiaozuo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Jiaozuo Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Jiaozuo Rural Credit Cooperative (RURAL Commercial Bank), Wenxian Seed Industry Association and seed industry enterprises attended the conference.The meeting conveyed and implemented the important deployment of the action plan of seed industry revitalization in full implementation in the No. 1 Document of the Central Government, analyzed and studied the market development situation, financing status and existing problems of the seed industry in Jiaozuo city, and arranged and deployed the requirements and suggestions related to financial support for seed industry revitalization and development in 2022.At the meeting, jiao Zhuqing, head of seed station of municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, introduced the development status of wheat seed industry in Jiaozuo city, and reported the financing situation and difficulties encountered by seed enterprises.She pointed out that jiaozuo seed industry has a long tradition of development and strong industrial development momentum, but there are also problems such as “too many enterprises but not strong, poor operation stability, inadequate mortgage assets, insufficient policy support”, there are certain difficulties in the financing process.Leaders of jiaozuo Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Jiaozuo Rural Credit Cooperative (RURAL Commercial Bank), and Jiaozuo Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China reported the credit support policies, experience and practices related to the revitalization and development of seed industry and their plans for the next step.Zhang Yan, deputy governor of Jiaozuo Branch of Agricultural Development Bank, said that the jiaozuo Branch of Agricultural Development Bank carries out the responsibility and mission of stable agricultural policy bank, strictly implements the credit policies in the fields of supporting agricultural production and seed industry revitalization, and carries out the “big visit, big research” activities around the local government’s “14th Five-Year Plan”.Make full use of “seed industry science and technology help loan”, “seed industry enterprises help worry loan”, “seed industry base platform upgrade loan”, etc., to help the development of seed industry.At present, it has connected with the PPP project of Rural revitalization agricultural research and three-industry integration demonstration base in Wen County, and the financing demand is about 450 million yuan.Wenxian standardized huaiyao virus-free seed production and cultivation project, financing needs 200 million yuan.Wen County seed industry association and seed industry enterprise representative of the main person in charge of seed industry characteristics, financing needs and future financial support seed industry development measures to talk about their ideas and suggestions, the new seed right and stock seeds into the scope of pledge has become a common demand of enterprises.Lin Zhimeng, deputy governor of jiaozuo Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, pointed out in his concluding speech that the seed industry is the “chip” of agriculture and is in a critical period of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.In the next step, we should improve the political position, increase r&d investment in seed industry development, and strengthen scientific and technological support for seed industry.We should effectively link the development of financial service seed industry with rural vitalization, establish a directory of enterprises, and provide differentiated and personalized financial support.We should establish a linkage mechanism between banks, government and enterprises, make joint efforts in seed industry policy support and financial product development, focus on inclusive finance, and continuously deepen the construction of “one platform and four systems”.We should build a new system for the development of jiaozuo seed industry, build a name card of jiaozuo characteristic seed industry, and speed up the support for seed industry enterprises to become bigger and stronger.The forum not only deepened the understanding of policies related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers and seed industry development, promoted the communication between financial institutions and seed industry companies, but also inspired financial institutions to play an active role in promoting the implementation of the strategy of “storing grain in the plan” and helping the high-quality development of seed industry.Source: Agricultural Development Jiaozuo Branch