Gamers, which do you think is more fun, a full army assault or a battlefield thrill?I think it is

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Due to the boom years ago appeared to eat chicken, tencent company is out of the chicken with a mobile game, appeal to the masses, but tencent the wiser and handed over to the two studios to eat chicken in the two games, because the day produced by the U.S. army attack peng endorsements, initially downloaded does much more than stimulate the battlefield and play but time grows,Most people are looking for a good game experience.Speaking of the game experience, PERSONALLY think it is better to stimulate the battlefield, the picture is more clear, gunfire, cutting guns, changing shells, driving, opening the door, picking up things feel more comfortable than the whole army attack, recommend playing stimulate battlefield.Although the two games are both authorized by blue Hole, they still have a big difference, that is, stimulating battlefield operation and picture are closer to the style of terminal game, while the whole army attack is optimized in mobile game operation based on terminal game, which is more like other FPS mobile games in Goose Factory.Players who want to stimulate the battlefield will be able to look very similar to the computer version just by turning the quality up.It wouldn’t be as good, it wouldn’t be as real.The power of the anchor should not be underestimated.Relatively speaking, this is still broadcast by most people.The terrain and trees of the whole army assault map are not good, no triple mirror, no six mirror, add a few airdrop guns in the room.The map is invariable, the house is the same, the tree is the same, I said that the designer is not witless, ask me to design bai bai, the sky white clouds, wind blowing grass, don’t always on the ground, the whole big cave winding.I personally recommend the whole army attack, more close to the end of the tour, do not understand why most of the posts are in the top stimulate battlefield, stimulate battlefield gun basically no recoil, but also all computer, not a few players, gun damage is too high, three armour also can not get a few shots, did not give people reaction time, I still feel the whole army attack more recommended.Spring Festival launched these two games, should be occupied holiday period.Generally speaking, I still like to stimulate the battlefield a little bit, the reduction degree is higher, more smooth.Generally speaking, shooting games on mobile phones are not very friendly. After all, they are too complicated to operate and their accuracy is greatly reduced, which brings a certain poor game experience.Better to play it on the PC.I think the most important thing is the game’s degree of restoration and quality. The quality of the battlefield is high and the degree of restoration is also high.The whole army attack picture quality is low, the reduction degree is low, the most important word, I think it is the picture quality, like to stimulate the battlefield picture quality, like to play stimulate the battlefield, like to play all the army attack, all the army attack, there are words is all the army attack, in recent months the update has been divorced from the theme.Beauty’s army attack is the day, if you’ve been in CF mobile game will find operating feel is very similar, this should is also a day of beauty characteristics, to say the army attack why not stimulate the players more of the battlefield, rough opinion to swim the reduction degree of priority is end, stimulate the battlefield away from the beginning is high quality, game experience more in line with most of the side to play family’s taste,The obvious and easy operation experience of CF can not satisfy most people, they are the quality of domestic games, I prefer to stimulate the battlefield.This problem is the most important day the reputation of the United States is not quite good, charge money to become strong, this is a lot of people play day the United States of the game of a big feeling.I believe many partners also think so.As to what is the difference between, first of all, the two game on the game engine is developed using unreal 4, so won’t have too big gap on quality, the main difference is that performance on the optimization of image quality, I am a little bit good personal mission to stimulate the optimization of the battlefield, but the day of beauty “army attack mainly displays in the gameplay innovation, such as a new mode of naval battle,And Mitsuko’s “Thrill battlefield” is mainly in the restoration of the end game.Suitable for real chicken players.