A chemical enterprise has paid 144 million IQ tax, cast for “senior high school leaders”, new situation recently?

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The company once inflated its income by 6.7 billion yuan because of financial fraud. The sponsor was fined 727 million yuan and was delisted in June 2020.Recently, it was reported that Wei Sun, CEO and executive director, will be banned from serving as a director of a listed company or participating in the management of a listed company for four years due to market misconduct.Cause a lot of attention.However, this is not enough to make it “proud” for many years, the real success comes from this enterprise but a police case.On September 1, 2017, Tianningsi police Station in Xicheng District, Beijing received a bizarre report, the other party is a well-known enterprise Tianhe Juneng Group, reported that financial fraud involving hundreds of millions of dollars.This put the temple police sleepy to frighten awake, hurriedly verify the situation notice leadership, and finally cracked the fraud case in twists and turns.In August 2014, Tianhe’s total market value soared to HK $65bn before its shares rose 40 per cent less than two months after listing.Inside a cheer, looking forward to 100 billion market value.The excitement was followed by a 67-page short report accusing Tianhe of overstating its profitability, falsifying tax data and calling its shares “worthless”.In panic, Tianhe chemical emergency suspension.When trading resumed on October 9, the shares, as expected, plunged 39.83% on the day.On March 26, 2015, trading of Tianhe’s shares was suspended.In November of the same year, The Hong Kong Stock Exchange imposed resumption conditions on the company, but the annual report was not timely submitted. In May 2017, The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission ordered Tianhe chemical to suspend trading.Return to the market anxious to find a relationship with listed companies to hand in the annual report, unlike primary school homework.Once you go public, you’ll be vetted by a professional body, which TRW would never dare to do, because they wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny.A group of Senior management of TrHE are anxious like ants on hot pot. If trading is suspended, they will have no money. Without money, they will not be able to realize the bull blowing before.So they figured if they could resume trading, there was still a chance.Look for regular orgnization affirmation not line, rotten account a lot of tianhe, must use extraordinary means.Then brainstorm to find a relationship, through the back door.”Leadership” frequency as long as money tossing and turning tianhe chemical group deputy general manager Zhang mou, finally in others to introduce the understanding of the “powerful talent” Huang Mou, this good news let Zhang overjoy.That Zhang demand, Huang thought the opportunity to make a fortune, they can reply through a special relationship to help Tianhe chemical resumption.Then Tianhe vice president Zhang, with Huang’s relationship to climb up the “national security organs ministerial leadership” Fu.Can’t do anything without money?In the name of helping Tianhe Chemical Group to resume trading, Huang Lilin obtained 10 million yuan of handling funds from Tianhe.Subsequently, the “national security organs ministerial leadership” fu mou came to the Tianhe chemical group Jinzhou office investigation, “pay head” to understand the situation, out of a clever trick, that is, since the Hong Kong stock exchange to check the annual report, it will give enough he can not check the reason.With a stroke of the pen, he issued a document that the State Administration of State Secrets Protection had identified Tianhe Chemical Group as a secret enterprise (false).The $29 million “outlay” was spent again.At this time, “powerful people” Huang reminded, it is best to tianhe chemical group to become the Ministry of State Security trusteeship.At this point, “deputy minister of state security” Yang appeared, resumption of licensing funds 20 million to hand again.Subsequently, Huang to pay management fees, to the leaders to solve the car, to the leadership of the transition fee, to the Ministry of Public Security economic investigation bureau director money and other names, a total of 85 million yuan tianhe chemical Group and an Audi A8 car.High school diploma “false head” all say, spend money to block disaster.Tianhe is good, the money is out, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is still stubborn, “head of the Ministry of National Security” all commitments have not accomplished.Tianhe finally realized something was wrong.Not good!Cheated.But this thing can only quietly alarm, so find the associated enterprise Tianhe poly alarm.Tianhe Chemical was defrauded of 144 million yuan in bribes. What is more dumbfounded is that five of the six swindling gang members only have a high school degree and cheated for more than two years. The three main culprits were sentenced to life imprisonment.Looking back at Tianhe Chemical, it was once considered China’s leading specialty chemical producer, and its founder wei Qi once became the richest man in northeast China as a result of its listing.Now tianhe Chemical has been branded as “hopeless to resume trading”, “bribery”, “high school students fraud gang” and “loss of 144 million yuan”.Many netizens ridicule, should be a “good reincarnation of tianhe chemical”, more people said that this chemical enterprise is specialized in the production of polymer elm wood head!Tianhe Chemical completely abandoned the practical and duty of chemical enterprises and entrepreneurs, and finally staged a farce of desperate medicine and self-death.What do you think about that?