What does the US court’s ruling mean for ZTE?

2022-05-11 0 By

On March 23, ZTE announced that the company received a judgment from the court on March 22, US time, which ruled that zte’s probation will not be revoked without any additional punishment, and confirmed that the five-year compliance observation period will end on March 22, 2022, as originally scheduled.People close to ZTE said that this means zte has run out of probation, not to revoke is to complete the existing probation.Zte stressed that it will comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the countries where it operates and fully develop its compliance system.The United States imposed sanctions on ZTE, but after ZTE reached a settlement, the United States set a so-called “probation and observation period” until March 22, 2022.When the term expires, there will be no additional punishment or cancellation, and the so-called “probation and observation period” will come to an end!Some net friends said, was fined nearly 900 million DOLLARS, how long will it take to earn in the United States?People do business with you, both rights and responsibilities should be agreed, this is compliance, since you want to do business with people, you have to abide by their rules.If you think the rules are unreasonable, you can appeal.If others ignore you, play your own game instead of theirs.Some people think, this is right, but get beaten not to say, but also pay money, and to smile face back, humiliation to live.Zte escaped a penalty, there will be no next time, not independent research and development only a dead end.I hope ZTE endure the humiliation, hardships, science and technology, work hard!Objectively speaking, the current technology leading, market discourse power, and even comprehensive national strength, are not as good as the Old United States, temporarily sleeping on brushwood taste gall is no choice.Some people will ask, compared with Huawei, this outcome is too ugly, but on the other hand, there is only one Huawei, after all, not every enterprise can reach the realm of Huawei.China should make concerted efforts to develop technology as soon as possible to replace US software and manufacturing equipment so that we can get more development!