What are you waiting for as a writer as a shaman?

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Today I finally finished reading the book “Writer’s Journey”, which took nearly three months.I don’t know when I would have finished this book if I hadn’t been writing a novel so often lately.At present, I share the book “Story Strategy” with you. After sharing this book, I will share the book “Writer’s Journey” with you. If you like this book, please follow me and pay attention to my sharing.To tell the truth, this “writer’s Journey” to my feeling is shocking, really written too good, for me such a white, very suitable.But I have not yet mastered the essence of it, and I believe that if I can master the essence of it, I will be able to create a good novel.Share the last words of the book and see how it gets better..Isn’t that amazing?Do you want to see what’s so magical about the Writer’s Journey?Save our expectations for another day, and today we continue to share the final chapters of Story Strategy.This is a passage from Act III, and there are three combinations.Today we’re going to share the first one.In Act 3, you can use 2-5 target paragraphs, so the specific dramatic content of each paragraph becomes more flexible.First, we use two hero objective paragraphs for the third act.That is, no matter what genre of film and story, when the outcome of Amazing Surprise 2 is overwhelmingly good news, the story must take only 2 target paragraphs to end quickly.My personal understanding is that if at the end of act 2, there is a reversal, but the reversal is good and does not require the protagonist to enter the challenge again, then we can consider a shorter story to end the whole story.These are my personal understandings. If you have a better understanding, feel free to discuss them in the comments section.Well, that’s all for today’s sharing.If you also want to write a wonderful story, also want to create your own novel, please follow me, let us progress together.My personal official account “pen to walk the world” has updated a lot of writing dry goods, looking forward to the same writing dream you!There were books to read, writing tips, past pitfalls, and things I learned only in paid classes.Looking forward to your attention!Finally, if you like this article, give the author a thumbs up!Thank you very much!