We will improve the quality and efficiency of the NPC’s work by deepening capacity building for performing duties

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On February 19, the sixth session of the eighth Puyang Municipal People’s Congress held its second plenary meeting. Shao Jingliang, director of the Standing Committee of puyang Municipal People’s Congress, delivered a work report on behalf of the Standing Committee of puyang Municipal People’s Congress.In 2021, the province of the 11th party congress, the eighth party congress held a victory of puyang city, the whole city to anchor the “two guarantees” and implement the strategy of “top ten”, focusing on the “four puyang, a highland, a center” goal, mission explorations, innovative work, promote to realize the “difference” good start, puyang comprehensive transformation high quality development has made gratifying achievements.This reporter interprets the report from the following aspects: strengthening political development, adhering to the concept of people’s democracy throughout the whole process, giving full play to the strengths of the NPC system, adhering to the pursuit of people-centered values, strengthening the service guarantee for deputies to perform their duties, and deepening the capacity building of deputies to perform their duties.On February 19, the reporter learned from the secretariat of the sixth session of the Eighth Puyang Municipal People’s Congress that in the past year, the Standing Committee of the Eighth Puyang Municipal People’s Congress took the initiative to adapt to the new requirements of the new era for the work of the NPC, and strengthened the effective integration of politics, ideology, organization, style of work, discipline and system construction.We will strive to build political organs that consciously uphold the leadership of the CPC, local organs of state power that ensure the position of the people as masters of the country, working organs that fully shoulder the responsibilities entrusted to them by the Constitution and laws, and representative organs that always maintain close ties with the people.The system of people’s congresses is the fundamental political system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. People’s congresses are important political organs under the leadership of the Party, and the work of people’s congresses is an important part of the Party’s work.The Standing Committee of puyang Municipal People’s Congress strictly implemented the working regulations of the Leading Party Members’ Group, tightened the main responsibility of party management, summarized and refined the spirit of the Puyang People’s Congress in the new era of “loyalty, for the people, worship the law, pragmatism, and responsibility”, showing the mission of the Puyang People’s Congress in its own culture, work style and value system.We will strengthen community-level Party organizations, implement the system of “three meetings and one lesson”, and focus on strengthening the organizational capacity and political function of Party branches.Carry out the responsibility system of ideological work and strengthen the construction of positions;We supported the dispatch of discipline inspection and supervision teams, strictly implemented the eight-point Decision of the CPC Central Committee and its detailed rules for implementation, and endeavored to foster a clean and upright political environment.Study one hundred years of party history, cultivate feelings for the people, draw strength to forge ahead.Since the launch of the study and education of Party history, the Standing Committee of the Puyang Municipal People’s Congress has promoted the study and education of Party history with high standards, a high starting point and high quality, encouraging party members and officials to stay true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, and lighting up the road ahead with the light of faith.Members of the Council of Directors took the lead in carrying out activities such as “100 Deputies Lecturing on the 100-Year History of the Party” and “Following the Footsteps of the General Secretary” to strengthen their confidence in history through Lectures, exhibitions, reports, red experience, ceremony education and new media.Carrying forward the spirit of building the Party, we deepened the campaign of “Doing practical things for the people” in the context of flood control and epidemic control. Standing Committee members took the lead in handling 65 key matters concerning people’s wellbeing, and helped solve problems that worry the people, businesses, and communities.To improve the effectiveness of the Standing Committee in performing its duties, the Standing Committee of the Puyang Municipal People’s Congress has established a system of key deliberative speeches to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of meetings.We will promote the establishment of models for civilized units at the provincial level, establish an honorary retirement system for officials of people’s congresses, and improve the level of government services.We will keep closer working contacts and coordination between people’s congresses at the upper and lower levels, as well as between people’s congresses at the neighboring prefectures and municipalities, and strengthen communication and coordination with the people’s governments, committees, committees, and the Supreme People’s Courts.We will explore the establishment of a publicity matrix of “NPC cloud + mainstream media and online new media”, plan key publicity campaigns such as the NPC’s actions on epidemic prevention and control and the best representative presence on the road to poverty alleviation, and tell the story of China’s democracy and the story of Puyang people’s Congress.