“Cold King snatching bride: crazy princess not down to marry” majestic Prince Herry VS modern female doctor through two miss

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Book fans, I heard that we are in a book shortage recently, do not know what to read, what to look good, do not panic!Xiaobian today to recommend a good novel for everyone, people set eye, compact plot, IQ appearance level double online, good to see can not stop, absolutely not shortage of books!Keep a collection if you like.Today xiaobian recommended: “Cold King snatching: crazy princess not to marry” megatron Prince Herry VS modern female doctor through two miss.The first: “report country teacher applies for next marry” the author: small bowl cloud sang introduce: pass through become a generation to do nothing of the wimp that do nothing on the body she expresses — want to have silver to take only, want not to harm oneself weak life only, want to be able to often beautiful male consumedly do nothing again how?It’s a pity that…Fate was about to ruin her good intentions…Into the pit guide: maidservant female see cloud win the complete version of the bird after the shock of the eyeball all quickly stare out: “infundate Lord!You’re back at last!Report…Princess Wang ye is back “shouted while first trotted and then changed to run fast finally on the difference of flying……The forehead?Didn’t you rearrange your face and everything?I had to look in the mirror before I came back.Should oneself not embarrassed arrive to let a person see run of point?Said also found a small water pit, concave a variety of postures from my verification.All right!It’s nice!Still beautiful swaying in the wind!”The bird!Severe and anacreontic male voice extremely play penetrates force, after one language is passed jing get cloud wins phoenix all over one shake, carry the hand that is behind one loose, the thing that hide all dropped out.Sharp mou son immediately notice that drop down of thing, eyebrow heart dark pressure, haven’t wait to speak to see — yun shenghuang buttocks sink accurate and steady sit that pack thing above, then don’t know is sit uncomfortable or Angle is wrong, didn’t very good cover thing of all return specially arrange once sitting position.Lean in one direction with your legs crossed and your hands crossed on your thighs.Eyelash still flicker flicker of blink, glittering and translucent pupil looks at cloud incandescent.”Brother, do you want to see me?”You act innocent like she really doesn’t know anything.What would she not know?Yunchi was puzzled by her present state.”Let’s not talk about the national master. What did you do when you went out just now?”Nine princess Murong Mei once a palace to run toward the dragon palace, it is cry is make, blame say cloud wins the bird by his silly and the favor of the emperor to bully her, bring about she dare not fight back, to now the hand is painful.Now the whole imperial city is looking for Yun Sheng Huang.(click below to start reading) the second: “Cold king snatching kiss: crazy princess not married” author: Childe Policy introduction: “Cold King snatching kiss: crazy princess not married” majestic he Herui king VS modern female doctor through two young lady.From the mouth of rui Wang Ye learned that it was her dregs dad personally sent her to rui Wang Ye hands.Back to hou Fu to find father accounts, just know the middle also blocked a hand to cover the day zhao Aunt.This looks like a tough fight, and a long one.Guide to the pit: “this king never force!””First of all, I’m not doing it for you. I just hear about people getting hurt, and I can’t bear to see if I don’t help them.”Ji Xiaoxiao defended himself.Ouyang Rui just eased the handsome face suddenly clouds again, this sounds, so not the taste.”Miss Season treats people really kind, but does not include this king!”Ouyang Rui gently spit out the acerbity words, turned horse head, drove in the opposite direction.Season xiaoxiao clearly hear Ouyang Rui’s jealousy, but, she can’t give him any commitment, at least before knowing his heart.Cloud enjoy pavilion open at the end of the street, along the way season xiaoxiao are looking around, she is the first time to see the ancient prosperous night market, this street is obviously more lively than other.Cloud enjoy pavilion at the moment has been suspended suspension of the wooden sign.Season is xiaoxiao by Ouyang Rui embrace dismount, looking at the door plate of flying color satin at the moment, it seems to have smelled the aroma of powder.She really used nose to smell, the air vaguely mixed with the fragrance of women’s rouge, although she is to save people, but she is now to enter the ancient flower floor ah, the inner excitement is self-evident.She longed to go in at once.With this thought, his feet began to move, and he walked towards the door.’Come back!Ouyang Rui stopped her in her tracks.Season xiaoxiao do not understand to look back at the face of the gloomy Ouyang Rui, “how?””By the back door!Season xiaoxiao suddenly reaction, Ouyang Rui can not let others know, he came to this place, this is a secret.(Click below to start reading) The third book: Princess Chang Bodao: Please Get Married. Author: The Eggs of Sorrow Sang Introduction: Mu Ziyi: The future mountain village host, short-term goal: get married, long-term goal: to give birth to a family of children.Si Wuxian: face such as crown jade, gentle and light, seemingly harmless pure birds, in fact, belly black, good at scheming, short-term goal: recruit an, long-term goal: coax the maiden to stay in the palace.As a future bandit leader with ambitions, the future husband also has standards!One, long handsome!Two, grow especially handsome!!Into the pit guide: Wang Zhong by night a smile to frighten dozen a cold shiver, incidentally in the heart for the last night that attempt to lift tiger beard of their own silently lit a root wax, fortunately night did not want to kill him.Night yi seemed to see through Wang Zhong’s mind and smiled coolly, “How do you know I didn’t want to kill you?Where do you think you’d be if you hadn’t known better?”Wang Zhong winced. “What should we do next?” he asked.Night gathered up his things. “It’s not what we should do, it’s what you should do.You wanted the prisoners. I would have killed them long ago.”Wang Zhong looked puzzled. “It’s…It’s customary not to kill prisoners. Kill…Not good.”Yi shrugged his shoulders and answered with an air of indifference. “If it had been last night, I would have killed it. Who knows?”Wang Zhong’s face is full of trouble, as a soldier, he has learned from the beginning of joining the army is not the same as the night they said, he did not know that some things can be done on the surface, but can do more privately.Night they themselves is secretly under the dead hand of the characters, as for the Department without trace, no matter how long the appearance of a deputy weak scholar, he is also a black heart of the Lord, otherwise last night how can there be so many bodies burned into black charcoal.(Click below to start reading) That’s all for today’s recommendation. Any other novels you’d like to read?You can leave a comment in the comments section, xiaobian will sort it out for you, looking forward to your comments.Past period review: “The lady finally agreed to marry down” one side mistake life, she is like a fire suddenly hit into his heart “Under the Phoenix Authority” but, is a person, is a demon, in the final analysis to all but a blooming eyebrow “rebirth:The male main online when the double “total encounter that iron and blood wrist, affectionate man” boudoe huan “through the cost of the rebirth of the houfu children, cast a net to collect slag female, idle fishing handsome male” v MY half life acacia to you “he repeated bright but pushed the blind has been accompanied by his people