Tiger year jiangxi “first meeting”, double “no. 1 project” so dry!

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Longnan the communist youth league on February 7, the year of the tiger on the first day to work, a provincial party committee and government, the province to deepen reform of development and double “number one project” to promote the conference, vigorously promote the implementation of digital economy do best and stronger development project “number one”, business environment optimization reform of “number one project” research on crucial deployed comprehensively deepen reform action.What is the meaning of the “First Meeting” in The Year of the Tiger?Provincial party committee, provincial government why it as the first thing after work?What important signals have been released by the provincial party secretary and governor?How will the 2022 Double No.1 Project be coordinated?What is different about the First Meeting of the Year of the Tiger?What are the important signals of 02?How to do double “Project 1”?Background link:Digital economy is becoming better and stronger. “Number One Development Project” has held the provincial Digital economy Development Conference attended by party secretary and provincial governor for two consecutive years. Digital industrialization and industrial digitalization are the main line, and digital economy is developing and growing rapidly.Providing strong support for the province’s high-quality leapfrog development — Nanchang’s VR industry pattern of “one city, two parks and multiple points” has taken shape. In 2021, the revenue of the province’s VR industry will exceed 60 billion yuan, doubling for two consecutive years.Yingtan national 03 special pilot demonstration has achieved obvious results. The scale of mobile Internet of Things industry in the province is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of more than 35% for three consecutive years.To build the Beijing-Kowloon (Jiangxi) electronic information industry belt, the scale of the province’s electronic information industry will exceed 650 billion yuan in 2021, ranking first in central China and seventh in China.Business environment optimization reform of “number one project” around “policy, the optimal, the lowest cost, best service, the fastest” business environment construction goal, dense with a set of “combination” in our province, business environment construction to a new level, has established the main leaders of the provincial government as a leader of the “1 + 18” province to optimize business environment work leading group (1 is the leading group,18 special teams), constructed the “1+N” policy system with the “Regulations of Jiangxi Province on Optimizing the Business Environment” as the core, vigorously implemented the improvement of the business environment benchmark and the critical action, organized and carried out the evaluation of the business environment in the whole province, established the system of social supervisors and consulting experts, and effectively improved the sense of gain and satisfaction of market subjects.In 2021, the number of actual market entities in Jiangxi increased by 26.1%, and the total development exceeded the expected progress.Source: Jiangxi Business