The car should be deeply maintained during the changing season

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Due to the different seasons of the point is different, plus after a season of test, so in the change of season, especially to pay attention to the maintenance of the car, you can give the car to do a “body check”, can also be based on the car maintenance, the owners come to see.1, engine problem performance: can not fire, loud noise, abnormal sound, idle shake strong, burning oil in fact, in the actual car process, the real engine problems are less, the owner can completely prevent engine problems through daily regular maintenance.The main focus is: the replacement of oil, battery maintenance, engine room cleaning, the correct choice of oil products and so on.2. Gearbox problem performance: bumpy, hard to shift gear manual gear models are prone to the problem of loud noise, difficult to gear;Automatic transmission models are prone to jump gear and a strong sense of frustration, but we should pay attention to distinguish between the car really have trouble, or the poor performance of the model itself, such as some old models shift impact is relatively large;For CVT transmission, the possible problem is oil leakage or slipping between the pulley;Now the more advanced dual clutch DSG gearbox, although the transmission speed is very good, but also has the problem of large noise.3. Chassis problems: suspension, deviation, tire gnawing, steering wheel shaking, abnormal sound of steering machine chassis problems, generally there are three aspects, including braking system, four-wheel positioning and abnormal sound.The braking system is the key part of the chassis.These phenomena, such as off-track, tire gnawing, steering wheel shaking, are related to four-wheel positioning problems, including front speed positioning and tire dynamic balance.To prevent the occurrence of this fault, the owner can avoid the bumpy road in normal driving, especially to avoid big bumps, parking should be more careful not to knock on the side of the road to the four wheel positioning system caused by collision.4, brake problem performance: brake failure or failure, abnormal sound, brake jitter strong brake failure or failure may be frequent brake disc caused by serious thermal recession, or brake pad wear is serious, it may also be the brake oil is too dirty to replace.Usually also need to pay attention to check whether the brake disc wear is serious, and replace the new brake oil.5, leakage problem performance: leakage of oil, burning oil, water tank leakage, coolant leakage is a common failure of many models, owners should according to the warning of the failure lamp, pay attention to self detection of oil calipers, to see if there is a lack of oil.The main reason for burning oil is poor cylinder sealing, or excessive valve rod wear or valve rod oil seal failure.Water tank leakage is due to the phenomenon of blockage or fracture of sink or drainpipe, which may also be bad antifreeze quality or long-term corrosion, resulting in corrosion of the part of the connecting pipe.6, electronic problem of performance: oil, such as driving computer trouble light normally on oil no problem is that many owners, this kind of problem is mainly due to the oil tank float and sliding resistance problems, as well as oil pump failure, is generally low due to join the label product, lead to impurities deposition, affecting the oil float and sliding resistance test;In addition, overfilling will affect the pressure in the tank, resulting in the oil float measurement failure;When the oil is empty and the gasoline in the tank is almost completely used up, not only will the oil pump be exposed to the air, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, but air and impurities may also enter the oil path with the gasoline, affecting the oil pump and leading to its failure.Driving computer fault light alarm, its reasons are very many, such as engine light alarm may be because of oil quality problems, may also be the circuit system failure or disorder, and refit circuit, xenon headlights failure, or battery, insurance failure or burn off.7. Window problems: the electric window automatically drops, responds slowly, does not lift, the skylight has abnormal sound, easy to break the window failure, one is the electric window motor failure;Second, the power window initialization error.The initialization error of the power window will cause the control module of the power window to be unable to accurately measure the running position of the glass, so that the control module cannot exit the anti-clamping control even when the glass runs close to the high point. As a result, when the glass runs close to the high point, the control module will start the anti-clamping function and the glass will drop.Therefore, it is necessary to initialize the electric window system with diagnostic instrument.8, air conditioning problem performance: slow response, no refrigeration, easy to leak in the car, there is abnormal sound over the summer, air conditioning with less to timely cleaning and maintenance.If the above problems should be checked in time, because it has been used for a whole summer, the air conditioning will be tired.