How can parents teach their children to get along with teachers and shorten the distance between them?

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One day, Jiang’s daughter came home and told her something about her school. The daughter said, “Their physics teacher is a talented student who graduated from normal school in the 1970s and has been teaching students all his life.He was very kind to his students, and they all looked up to the teacher who could be their grandmother.Recently, Zhang found that many male and female students like to give gifts to each other, and secretly pass around some punning notes.Some of the girls also socialize.So Teacher Zhang wants to solve this problem completely, otherwise just on the first two do these, how to do later?After observing Teacher Zhang found a girl and people outside the school to talk about friends, Teacher Zhang found the female students asked her whether she is out interview boyfriend, the female students of course is denied.””Teacher Zhang said to the girl: ‘You’re lying. Do you see this letter?Here’s the proof ‘.Finish finish zhang teacher opened the letter thrown in front of female students.’You actually secretly open other people’s letters, this is illegal’ female students very excited to say.’illegal?Is it illegal for a teacher to educate a student?It’s the first time I’ve heard that if you’re so stubborn, I’ll send the letter to your parents…Mr Zhang looked sternly at the girls.This female classmate also very unconvinced ground stare at zhang teacher.”After listening to her daughter jiang mother said to her daughter: “All say poor parents heart, in fact, the teacher is also for the students worry broken heart.”Many teenagers, like the girl in the story, resent their teachers for being too strict with them.In fact, the starting point of the teacher is for the good of students, hope that students can achieve something.We will be careful to find such a problem, the child and the teacher a good relationship between the course results will be good;The subject in which the child had a bad relationship with the teacher did not do much better.This is not because the child has a good relationship with the teacher, but because the teacher gives the child special attention. It is a reflection of love me, love my dog.For this reason, parents in the education of children, in addition to urging children to study hard, but also let the child know the teacher’s efforts.So how do you get along with your teachers?Parents can educate their children in the following aspects: 1. Teach children to respect teachers, students respect teachers, teachers will love and understand students.In fact, this is mutual, students need teachers to understand, the teacher is also eager for students to understand themselves.Parents should tell their children that the teacher is strict with you are good for you, no matter how to be polite to the teacher, in addition to see the teacher to say hello, but also respect the teacher’s labor, for example, do not make small movements in class, listen to the teacher carefully, complete the teacher’s homework and so on.Respect for teachers is a prerequisite for harmonious relationship between teachers and students.2. Let the child develop the habit of being diligent and inquiring, asking for advice with an open mind. No matter how the child thinks the teacher’s level is, since the teacher is the one who teaches you knowledge, he should ask the teacher with an open mind.Being inquisitive can increase and deepen the communication with the teacher, which will shorten the distance with the teacher.3. Tell the child to have the courage to admit if he or she makes mistakes. The teacher understands that adolescent children make mistakes and is willing to correct their shortcomings.But some children clearly made mistakes, but also do not accept criticism humbly, do not admit mistakes, so that the relationship with the teacher is very stiff.There are also some children criticized by the teacher once especially afraid of that teacher, think that the teacher has prejudice against him.Parents should tell their children that they are wrong, they should be brave enough to admit it, and they should be good students if they make mistakes.A teacher doesn’t think a child is a bad student because of one mistake.4. No one is perfect, the teacher sometimes has mistakes, some children think that the teacher is perfect, should not make mistakes, in fact, this is not right, to tell the child if the teacher has mistakes to politely put forward suggestions to the teacher, so that the teacher will be grateful for the advice of the students.In short, parents should let children understand that the teacher is their second parent, and a good relationship with the teacher can not only promote learning, but also learn a lot of truth to be a man, so that children benefit from life.So it is very important for children to have a good relationship with their teachers.If need consultation can private letter us!Like our article can pay attention to add a little praise!