Adaptation of Water Margin: Lu Zhishen drunk fighting shanmen (2)

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Now, Tu Zheng had two doors, two meat tables and three or four pieces of pork hanging.Zheng Tu was watching the swordman selling meat in front of the door.”Zheng Tu” was heard.Turning around, Tu zheng saw that it was Rutihash. He bowed quickly and had a bench brought for Tihash to sit down on.Luda said, “In accordance with the decree of the king, ten pounds of lean meat, cut into saozi, do not see any fat.”When Tu Zheng was about to have someone cut it, Ruda told him to cut it himself.Tu Zheng had to cut ten jin of lean meat on the butcher table and finely chop it.Half an hour, wrapped in lotus leaves.Ruda also told him to cut ten pounds of fat, do not see any refined.Zheng Tu had no choice, so he chose ten catties of solid fat from the case and chopped and wrapped them.Luda then asked Zheng Tu to cut ten jin of golden cartilage and not see any meat on it. Zheng Tu was a little annoyed, but he smiled and said, “You have come to amuse me.”Without waiting for him to finish, Luda jumped up and picked up the two packets of saozi noodles, which he smashed into Zheng Tu’s face. He shouted, “Saojia specially wants to amuse you!”The face of Zheng Tu looked like a shower of meat.Tu was so angry that he could not hold back his anger. He grabbed a sharp bone knife from the butcher table and jumped down. Nalutiha was standing on the street.The neighbors and a dozen meat sellers did not dare to persuade him, and the shopkeeper who had come to tell him was so shocked that passers-by stood still.Tu zheng took a knife in his right hand and grabbed Luda with his left.Rutihar put his hand on Zheng Tu’s left hand, kicked him to the stomach and fell to the street. Then he took another step and touched his chest.Ruda raised a fist the size of a vinegar bowl and hit Tu Zheng on the nose.Hit the blood countercurrent, nose crooked in half, another punch hit in the eye socket, hit the eye seam crack, black beads spell out.Zheng Tuxian still called “good fight”, but the two blows down, only to forgive.Ruda said, “The free will not forgive you.”Another blow to the temple, zheng Tu, only out of the chi, not into the chi.Ruda had expected to beat Zheng Tu to death with only three punches. He thought he would be sued for his life, and since there was no one to deliver food, he might as well leave as soon as possible.Pointing at Zheng tu’s body, he said, “You faked your death, and the rest of us will take care of you.”He strode off.When luda returned to her residence, she hurriedly rolled up some clothes, wrapped them, wrapped them in silk and silver, carried a short stick up to her eyebrows, and ran out of the south gate to smoke a cigarette.After saving Zheng Tu for half a day, they still died. They collected zheng tu’s body and brought the case to the state government.The court Yin picked up the number one, know that is accused of the Jurisdiction of the Government, dare not to capture the murderer, they came to the government.After hearing the story, Jing Was surprised and thought about it for a while. He said to the governor, “Luda was an officer in my father’s military service. He has committed a crime of human life, so he should be dealt with accordingly.The governor agreed.Yin back to ya, sent to arrest.When he learned that Luda had fled, he paid a thousand dollars for his name and profile, and posted letters of capture everywhere.Tu Zheng’s family, go to the funeral, filial piety.Nruda hurried to flee east and west and arrived in Yanmen County, Dai Zhou.When I entered the city, I saw many people crowded at the crossroads to look at the list.Ruda could not read, but someone read: “Capture and kill the prisoner Ruda Zhengtu….”Is hearing here, suddenly behind a person shout loudly: “Eldest brother zhang, how do you here?”The man wrapped his arms around Ruda and tore her apart.The one who dragged Ruda was none other than the rescued Kim.The old man dragged Ruda to a quiet place and said, “Your benefactor is very bold. Now the government is arresting you.Ruda asked Kim how he got here, and Kim told her the story.Originally left Weizhou, Gold laer met an old neighbor, to jin Cuilian matchmaking, do here a big rich man zhao member outside the house, food and clothing.Ruda followed Jin laer to the door of the house, Jin Laer called out Jin Cuilian, the woman bowed six times, thanks for saving their lives.Old Jin called the boy and the maid, bought a lot of meat dishes, cooked them and laid them out.Three people were drinking. They heard Shouting downstairs. Twenty or thirty men were carrying white sticks.Ruda picked up the stool, and Kim said, “Don’t do anything.”He rushed downstairs and said a few words to the officer on horseback. The officer laughed and scattered the crowd.The official followed Jin to Ruda, threw himself down and worshiped him.It turned out that the official was the minister, whom Jin Lao er and his daughter had often mentioned as their benefactor ruda.He loved to stab and stick, so he had long wanted to visit Luda.Jin rearranged the cups and plates, and the four of them sat down again. Zhao asked about the killing of Zheng Tu, gossiping and comparing marksmanship.The next day, Zhao invited Luda to Zhao Zhuang.Ruda resigned his father and his daughter, got on his horse with Zhao and rode to Zhao Zhuang.A few days later, Old Jin came to me in a hurry. He said that if the news leaked out, he was afraid that someone would arrest him.Two people discuss countermeasures, Zhao member thought of a plan, but worried that Luda would not.It turned out that there was a Mount Wutai not far from Zhaozhuang, and there was a Manjusri monastery on the mountain. Zhao had made a vow to shave a monk.Zhao wanted Ruda to go because he wanted to, and because ruda could avoid trouble.Ruda, thinking that there was nowhere else to go and that there was a safe place to take refuge, agreed and spent the night packing.(To be continued)