5 actions to Upset Your Cat that owners should not do to it

2022-05-10 0 By

Cats are sensitive. Sometimes, the owner does some actions, which may hurt the cat unintentionally and make the cat very sad. Let’s understand what actions will make the cat sad.When a cat gets along with its owner for a long time, it will become possessive and think that the owner only belongs to it. Therefore, if the owner treats other cats well in front of the cat, the cat will think that the owner does not love it, which will make the cat feel very sad and sad.Don’t let the cat to go to bed when the cat like master, will always want to together with their owners, and owners are not at home during the day, only will be back in the evening, so the cat will want to sleep with you, and if you don’t let it go to bed, the cat will feel your heart without it, it will be very sad.Always play it some shovel excrement officer because of some things, and lead to their very angry, will take the cat out, always start to play the cat, so the cat will feel afraid, but also sad sad, because the cat will feel that because they do not do well, the master will hit themselves.If you have a short temper, then it is recommended not to sheep cat, such hands-on behavior is hurting the cat.Cats don’t spend as much time with their owners during the day because they go to work and when they come home they are busy with their phones and work, which can make them feel left out and frustrated.Keeping a cat is not only about feeding the cat, but also spending more time with them. Therefore, the owner should take time to play with the cat. When playing, the cat can also have some snacks, which will make the cat happier.We recommend the “Gluten-free freeze-dried chicken cubes”, which are made from pure meat, high in protein, easy to digest, and frozen to lock in freshness so nutrients are not lost.Some people forget to feed their cats because they are too busy, and think it is a small thing, but the truth is quite the opposite. If the owner forgets to feed the cat, the cat will think that the owner has abandoned it, and will be sad, so the owner should remember to feed the cat on time.In addition, cats are carnivores, so you can choose a cat food with high meat content as your main food.Recommended “gluten-free cat food”, selected chicken, beef and other meat, meat content up to 76%, no problem to meet the nature of cats love meat, but also with vegetable ingredients, so that cats eat nutritious and delicious.Conclusion: What do you do to make your cat sad?