Yinzhou broke 250 billion, from the first county of Zhejiang, only one step away

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According to yinzhou District Statistics Bureau, yinzhou District achieved a total GDP of 25.03 billion yuan in 2021, up 7.0 percent year-on-year and an average growth of 4.7 percent in two years.By industry, yinzhou’s primary industry added value of 2.87 billion yuan, the secondary industry added value of 56.71 billion yuan, the tertiary industry added value as high as 157.03 billion yuan.At present, the third industry of Yinzhou accounts for up to 72.5%, and the level of development and the strength of the people are very outstanding.In 2021, yinzhou’s GDP exceeded 250 billion yuan for the first time, only one step away from the first county and city in Zhejiang.During the same period, Yuhang District of Hangzhou achieved a total GDP of 250.22 billion yuan, up 7.5% year on year.That is to say, yinzhou’s GDP difference yuhang district only 190 million.It should be pointed out that Yuhang district was far ahead in economic scale, but now it is also caused by the separation of Linping District.All in all, Yinzhou does have the potential to challenge zhejiang’s no. 1 county.Public information shows that Yinzhou has 15 sub-district offices and 10 towns under its jurisdiction, covering a total area of 814.2 square kilometers, which is the center of ningbo’s economy, culture, transportation, finance, education and so on.According to qipu data, Yinzhou district has a solid base of 1.6 million permanent residents.Yinzhou has strong potential for development, not only has a strong industrial base, but also has the support of technology and finance.In terms of industry, the value added of Yinzhou’s strategic emerging industries grew by 23.2% in 2021, 9.4 percentage points higher than the growth rate of the regulated industrial value added.In addition, the value added of yinzhou’s core digital economy, equipment manufacturing and high-tech industries grew 19.1 percent, 18.1 percent and 17.2 percent, respectively. These high-tech industries also underpinned yinzhou’s overall growth.In the third quarter of 2021, Yinzhou District issued the 14th Five-year Plan for major construction projects in the whole district, specifying that 649 major construction projects will be planned during the 14th five-year plan period, with a total investment of 680.8 billion yuan and a planned completed investment of 382.86 billion yuan.Yinzhou will improve the quality of public services and accelerate the coordinated development of education, medical care, transportation, ecology and culture.Industry insiders point out that in the coming years, Yinzhou will accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system led by digital economy, led by modern service industry, supported by advanced manufacturing, and based on beautiful economy.In 2021, yinzhou’s financial sector made outstanding contributions, with value added growth of 7.3% and contribution to GDP growth of 20.2%.Yinzhou’s financial deposits, up to 16.3% year on year growth, the total deposits again no suspense in zhejiang counties and cities first.But the development of Yuhang district is also very strong.In 2021, the economic scale of Yuhang is not only outstanding, but also the tertiary industry accounts for 84.9%.The high-quality economic development of Yuhang is inseparable from the promotion of emerging industries.In the same period, the added value of yuhang’s high-tech industry and strategic emerging industry increased by 22.2% and 33.4% respectively year-on-year.Among them, yuhang’s on-board information software industry is expected to achieve business revenue of 533.9 billion yuan.So what new ideas do you have for yinzhou and Yuhang’s contention for zhejiang’s first strong district?