“Yan Yu Fu” the return of the gods, Qiao Xin refresh appearance level ceiling, Xu Zhengxi ruled the world

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“Yan Yu fu” the return of the gods, Qiao Xin’s new ancient costume, the beginning of this thought is bronze, did not think that with the development of the plot, more and more feeling is the existence of the king level, whether it is the plot, acting kimono, have a lot of bright spots.Qiu Yan and Liang Wang tour together beauty of this part of the play, color processing bright and rich, let a person see the original Zhang Yimou film aesthetic color art style, and seemingly suspense to the plot, mixed with a trace of humor, a little Zhang Yishan “Deer and The Ding Ji” meal good play feeling.Qiao Xin refresh appearance level ceiling, Joe sister’s ancient costume, with Wang Zuxian “A Beautiful girl ghosts” of classical wen wan breath, baby fat face, round big eyes, are good fairy floating, belong to the kind of more look more durable look of ancient costume beauty fan.In Yan Yu Fu, Xu Zhengxi also unlocked a new height of appearance level. Liang Yi, dressed in a king’s style, has a dashing charm and a pair of shining eyes, which seem to be able to penetrate the world of 3,000 mortals.Xu Zhengxi is the king of the world. People’s comments on the TV drama Yan Yu Fu also soared to the sky, from doubt at the beginning, to affirmation, and then to full of praise. Some fans even said: “Watching 10 episodes at a stretch is not enough, hurry up and continue!”The poster of Yan Yu Fu also has a profound meaning. On the delicate and soft dead branches, there are blossoming red peach blossoms, which seem to indicate a bright future, just as Qiu Yan struggles for a gorgeous true love and beautiful life in her miserable life, which makes people yearn for and look forward to.In the TV drama Yan Yu Fu, Qiao Xin became more and more attractive, especially when she responded to her domineering big sister by kneeling down and pleading with her. She said, “Why did you bother to do that?””, is really too relieved, let a person call straight: “who says the woman is inferior to the man!”In this section of the play, Qiao Xin is wearing a pair of like rabbit ears general hair bun, looks very lovely, wearing a burst of pet sweet tired appearance, but it is like the queen general affairs vigorous and vigorous, is the huge contrast between inside and outside, let a person feel the interest of this play, it can be said to be with relish.