Wulong and Liangping districts of Chongqing successfully established “China’s Natural oxygen Bar”

2022-05-09 0 By

Wulong and Liangping districts of Chongqing municipality have successfully established 2021 “China’s natural oxygen bar”, according to the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau on January 29.Previously, Tongliang District, Wushan County, Shizhu County, Yunyang County Longgong National Geopark, Fengjie County, Wansheng Economic Development Zone, Heishan Tourism Resort, Shapingba District and other areas or scenic spots in Chongqing have become “China’s natural oxygen bar”.Bring certificate of “natural oxygen bar” in China, “natural oxygen bar” in China is one of the symbols of the China Meteorological Administration national climate, selection once a year, mainly through to the declaration area ecological environment quality, tourist climate resources development, ecological protection and tourism facilities, and so on carries on the comprehensive evaluation is to measure a high quality climate authoritative recognition of ecological resource endowment,It is an important carrier to tap the potential and value of climate ecology.Wulong district and Liangping District of Chongqing have successfully established “China’s Natural oxygen Bar”.In addition, three regions and three agricultural products in Chongqing have been awarded national climate labels such as “China’s Climate Livable City (County)” and “China’s Climate Good Products”.