Wearing leggings is so fashionable, wear a beautiful temperament, no matter how hot (2)

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Wearing leggings is so fashionable, wear a beautiful temperament, no matter how hot.The collocation of leggings, in fact, and do housework almost, are used to comb the clothes from the inside out, according to the number of people coming and going home to decide, if it is no matter how many people, to wear a pair of pants and a T-shirt, it is basically have to put the arms and legs to a “cleaning”.And if the last pair of pants is long, the next to wear short cotton-padded boots, and then wear long fur, that is only suitable for a bit more casual.So, depending on whether the home is going to come more or less, here you are advised to combine the layout of the living room and dining room (also called the kitchen) with the bedroom, each space with a small piece, the home scene is strung together, will be very interesting.The home space is about 3*2 square meters, which can be worn in 3 scenarios with a single item. Different people will find suitable arrangements for their wear, which will also save some time.”Home space is small and miscellaneous, put any one is not enough” this kind of people, I think suitable for doing things to prioritize, wear, good clothes can play a buffer pressure, not easy to make mistakes, to create a high-level sense.For example, the living room is filled with sofas, TV cabinets and carpets.The dining room is filled with tables and a sofa for two.○ Sofa selection direction: about the best, facing the door or the living room;Light selection: when the light Angle is better;Aesthetic feeling.The direction of carpet selection: put the right foot under the sofa, and put a common linen or linen carpet on both sides of the living room.● TV cabinet selection direction: right, general TV cabinet set in front of a little bit, so it looks relatively complete, can display the whole TV frame;Black or green, the TV ark of a bit bigger can promote the integral style in the home with green color.● Table orientation: Cover the bottom half of the table, so as mentioned at the beginning, black is best, but not the only color.○ The back of the sofa is close to the wall or against the wall;The back of a sofa chooses north and south direction, blanket can be spread below the sofa of such a side or hang some green plants.Buy a mop rug with a handle.○ Large size folding or half folding do not stack, can be tiled, not too many layers, simply speaking, no matter how to place are not very messy.Here to mention the stalls, and the TV under the sofa, sofa sitting on the carpet to watch TV is not uncomfortable.For a lighter and more flexible way, hang your bag on a rug to match a mirror or rug over your sofa.Or use newspaper to make it look like a carpet without being bulky: ↓ “Small space with lots of benches/shelves.”As shown in Figure 1, all the small pieces that can be connected in daily life, such as small chairs, small baskets, small baskets and so on, can be matched, which can reduce the time of housework cleaning and make people feel more comfortable.This arrangement looks old-school and serious, but in the living room and dining room, it’s easier to clean.