Wangdu County human resources and Social Security Bureau three measures to do a good job before the Spring Festival pension benefits

2022-05-09 0 By

Wangdu County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau insists on putting the people first, makes efforts to solve practical problems of public concern, timely plans, overall planning and coordination, and takes three measures to ensure that the pension is paid in full and timely before the Spring Festival.First, elaborate organization and arrangement, holding special meetings, clear division of responsibilities, to lay a solid foundation for pension payments.Second, strictly audit data, carefully compare and verify the data of the treatment of personnel, strictly audit the treatment.Third, smooth distribution channels, actively coordinate finance bureau, cooperative banks to improve efficiency, to ensure full allocation of funds in place.Up to now, our county enterprises, institutions, urban and rural residents pensions have all been issued in place, for the majority of retirees to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival contributions warm society.Source: Wangdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau