The maximum load during the Spring Festival in Hubei province is expected to increase by more than 50 percent year-on-year

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Top Reporter Cao Lei Correspondent Long Qun Shao Lizheng Tong. On 28 January, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia News reporter learned from State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company that average daily electricity consumption in Hubei during the Spring Festival is expected to be 598 million kilowatt hours, 47.45% higher than last year.The maximum load is expected to occur on New Year’s Eve (Jan 31) and could reach 34.1 gw, up 54.15 percent year-on-year.According to the analysis of the whole network resources, the maximum power supply of Hubei power grid is about 38.64 million kw, which can meet the electricity demand of the whole province during the Spring Festival.In order to ensure reliable power supply during the Spring Festival, State Grid Hubei Electric Power Fully launched the emergency mechanism for power supply protection, compiled and issued special emergency plans and carried out joint emergency drills for power supply protection, so as to improve emergency handling capacity and ensure the quality and efficiency of emergency repair.During the Spring Festival, Hubei Electric Power will strengthen the emergency on-duty management of power grid, strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and information reporting system.Strengthen the configuration of on-site power protection force, and arrange grid personnel to stay on site in key stations during peak hours of residential power load such as New Year’s Eve.At the same time, State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., LTD., as a whole, arranges the operation mode of power grid at all levels, and does not arrange planned maintenance work any more. The power grid maintains the operation mode of full wiring and full protection.China has carried out power grid risk identification and formulated feasible emergency response plans for risks prone to power grid. 266 emergency teams, more than 7,500 emergency personnel and 57 emergency generators have been prepared to ensure the fastest response, organization and recovery in all kinds of severe weather.Improve the speed of emergency response, improve the emergency handling capacity of faults, and ensure the reliable supply of electricity in the province during festivals.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.