Tickled with silky gold meets this beautiful dog and she tickles herself

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Text: season poem soul now, oneself feel!Tickled all over with silky gold, she happens to meet this beautiful wolfhound who tickles herself!It was so comfortable, he swung a ruyi rolling pin iron Man artifact!Pretend to tear, in fact, is playing with her to beat the game!Suddenly, in the city of sky!Down comes a Mr. Right, a three-eyed prodigy!He said: Monkey Sun, you stick to save the life of the dog and goblin!She’s me, the future wheezer!The Monkey, he looked carefully!Say: be originally, an old sun’s sworn brother Yang jian day will!In that case, your arrival today!I’ll take her with me and leave her to you!3 eye prodigy, Yang jian day will he smile way: very thank you, Sun Wukong you!Little brother, I will welcome her unkindly!Then, he waved in the hand of a good artifact three sections of god of War knife!And said, My wiener, thou hast seen thy master!If not now, when?All of a sudden, I saw that beautiful, romantic, fresh and touching black rose dog monster!She would be a black rose-embryo dog, one of the more red and beautiful flowers between heaven and earth!On the ground, to sun Saint monkey kowtowed three small heads!Thank you very much, thank you!After all, when I came down from the city in the sky!Commissioned by skyfox’s killer serial love baby princess!Come and see your future son, the holy monkey!Their story is long!The love predestination between them, very profound!So, she as a matchmaker!Naturally, very happy to agree to her requirements of the sky fox!Through leizhi bound, efforts to refuel to join the fun on the road to the West!Look, this wild monkey Sun Wukong is following in the Oriental Pearl City!Tang Dynasty inside the mortal immortal legend, the golden cicada son Tang Seng master how?Have you? It’s official! It’s official!On the way to the west, hurry on!How long will it take to get to the West Tianling Mountain?As one, the Monkey is his secret lover!Of course, it takes a lot of understanding!Although, they are not together!But, at least the love story between them!From the nature of heaven and earth!No, it’s the day after tomorrow!Nature, deep feelings!Is in one time, the chance appears!Skyfox: The princess of the death-robbing serial love child, she’s in heaven!The Jade Emperor, he is in lingxiao Palace!I can’t bear to see what the wild monkey does in the mythical game of Westward Journey!So he decreed!The Sky Fox was betrothed to the eight gods of the Sky dragon!Later, the lower boundary through the East China Sea dragon King there!Become the three dragon son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea!Prince Charming, under the aegis of Guanyin in the South Sea!He also became, jin Cicada son Tang Seng master ride BMW!Escorting Master Tang seng on his journey to the west!On the road very hard, good hard!So, there’s a paragraph in it!Sing sing sing sing, white horse!White dragon horse hoof to the west, dragging tang Xuanzang westward journey!It is not easy to get scriptures from the west, and it is very easy to get the true scriptures!Do not do great things, is the challenge on the road to the West!Thousands of difficulties, white dragon horse he is hard work!No regrets, this kind of person fighting very strong!It’s worth it, all living things agree!Fate, the magic of the game!In fact, it is the rational layout of the mythical Westward journey!Yang Jian day will, he will lead asthma dog!Farewell, sun Shenghou all the way to the Tiangong-1 courtyard set off!Everywhere beneath their feet, smoke billows from the world of men singing love songs!The mysterious music of heaven sounded loudly, the heavenly soldiers of heaven will welcome Jiro god at the entrance of the southern gate!Returning triumphally, they thought this was jiro god’s true skill!Vanquished such a beautiful, romantic, refreshing, and touching black rose dog goblin!So, they are proud of it!Brag to each other and congratulate him together!Say: so so, true gentleman descend all omnipotent!No matter three seven and twenty – one, or that devil!Or, the Wolf and the goblin!I can’t escape the eye on your forehead!This beautiful sister, crouching dog bark a few!Nature is expressed, their own rebound of opinion!Showed their own position, is to express themselves!Is the world inside the fairyland, is on the way to the west for buddhist scriptures he surrendered!As a matter of fact, you buddhas inside and outside the three circles!It’s all there! It’s all there!I know I don’t want to expose it!After all, The three-eyed boy!He is the nephew of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother in heaven!Forget it then, don’t blow the lid on the secret!Give heaven, a big face!Keep the status quo and let sun Sage Monkey continue to protect his master Tang Seng on his journey to the west.So, she’s a black dog beauty.Since then, follow since the heaven and earth inside.The lower boundary has come, the three eyes god prince boy in the global village.Yang Jian, heaven and earth entered the sky of cultivation.She thought in her heart of hearts that she really wanted her best friend.Sister Xixia, the male god of the fairy.Sage Monkey, he can truly attain enlightenment and become Buddha.Quietly westward journey, good protection of golden cicada son Tang Seng master.There are no branches on the way to the west.So, she began to reluctantly give up love.Endure that kind of loneliness, and lonely complex mood.It’s time to go back to heaven.Followed by the majestic Jiro God Boy.Step on colorful purple clouds, return to heaven.Reluctantly, bid farewell to his long love of the fairyland.Since then, set foot on the road to heaven.Myself, this beautiful black rose.How, can easily change the fate.Towards the sunny road.Help me out, Monkey Sun.From then on, he set foot on the path of the god of War.I followed him closely.In the future, you should help Monkey Sun more.Beheaded demon except demon, became the noble person behind him.It was as good as it could be!Besides, now their own have found the real rely on.The master of the soul, Jiro true jun.Fighting against heaven and earth, all the time.Oneself, also secretly become a dog clan inside a real woman man.It’s called a hero against a woman!My generation is not penglai people, ordinary people cultivate natural success.For failure, is also a natural thing!The result, see next time decomposition!