Liver disease, sleep prophet, remind: 3 abnormalities in sleep, or liver disease “warning”

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When it comes to liver disease, many people always think of people who smoke and drink a lot.But in recent years, many people who don’t drink or smoke also develop liver disease.China accounts for a large proportion of the nearly 700,000 new cases of liver cancer worldwide each year.What is more worrisome for the clinic is that 70% of HCC patients have reached the intermediate and advanced stage before their disease is detected.Most patients with advanced liver cancer die of organ failure and complications within 1-3 years.For some patients, the time between terminal detection and death is even a matter of months.Why is liver disease patient increasing?This is often inseparable from eating. According to data, most patients with liver disease have similar eating habits……China is a country with a high incidence of liver cancer, with a high incidence age of 45-55.The occurrence of liver cancer is not caused by a single factor, but by the interdependence and interaction of various pathogenic factors, which lead to the mutation of normal cells and ultimately lead to the emergence of cancer.Long-term alcohol consumption: Especially for patients with chronic liver disease, alcohol consumption is an important cause of liver cancer, and it can not be ignored for people without chronic liver disease.Sugary drinks: all kinds of drinks contain a lot of sugar, excessive intake of these sugar will lead to excessive calories in the liver, fat accumulation too much, and then lead to fatty liver.And if the occurrence of fatty liver is not controlled in time, the liver cells will change and induce cancer.If you take in too much sugar every day, these substances will lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar, easily lead to metabolic diseases such as obesity, and finally lead to the possibility of liver disease.Moldy food: when food is moldy, not only mould toxin can multiply in large numbers, and the content of harmful material such as secondary amine, nitrite also can increase obviously, aflatoxin and inferior nitrosamine also have synergistic carcinogenic effect.Long-term alcohol consumption: Especially for patients with chronic liver disease, alcohol consumption is an important cause of liver cancer, and it can not be ignored for people without chronic liver disease.Chronic liver disease is a common disease in our life.Although the onset of slow, but there are signs to follow before the onset, especially when sleeping, there are the following 3 abnormal performance, to be vigilant.1. Legs and feet often cramp. The liver stores blood and controls tendons.When the liver is damaged, there is less blood in the liver, resulting in blood deficiency in the veins and frequent cramps in the legs and feet.2, insomnia dream when irascibility is too prosperous, can affect the autonomic nerve of the liver surface, cause to fall asleep difficulty, often insomnia, wake up in the middle of the night.3, often get up at night when the liver problems, the spleen and stomach will be dysfunctional, bile can not be secreted properly.For a long time, it will cause absorption disorders, resulting in diarrhea, and even when sleeping, people will get up frequently at night, diarrhea.Three, liver disease love to find these 3 kinds of people, don’t be careless liver disease is not the exclusive disease of smokers and drinkers.Doctors warn that if these young people do not correct their bad habits in time, they are likely to suffer from liver disease.One is people who like to stay up late: often stay up late, will lead to liver, spleen and kidney disorders, the body’s immune function decline, liver overload, lesions.Second, people who like greasy food: eating a lot of high-fat food will increase the burden on the liver, reduce the ability to break down fat, cause serious fatty liver, but also easy to develop liver cancer.Third, people who are too stressed: often face heavy workload, long-term life pressure and work pressure, will lead to mental depression and excessive stress, and these adverse factors will lead to liver cancer.Four, want to stay away from liver disease, how should eat?For liver disease, it is three points by treatment, seven points by raising.Above all, the most important aspect that raises liver to protect liver is diet.Developing correct eating habits is of great benefit to nourishing and protecting the liver.To keep your liver healthy, eating a balanced diet with proper proportions of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals is key. In addition, eating fewer hard, stimulating foods and drinking less alcohol can help protect your liver.To prevent liver disease, in addition to eating, we should also keep proper exercise.The purpose of exercise is to improve the body’s immunity, and exercise can prevent fatty liver disease.The combination of these factors can achieve the effect of liver protection.