Jac: Kaida Sedan card in 2022 New Year’s Greetings officially opened

2022-05-08 0 By

Jianghuai Kaida sedan card as the no.1 leading brand, has been super high appearance level, strong power, comfortable driving experience and reliable and durable quality has won the favor of countless card friends.Entering the year of 2022, in order to thank the majority of card friends to jianghuai Kaida support and love, Jianghuai Kaida held a New Year’s greetings activities, in the year of the Tiger on the occasion of the New Year to send users a good gift, send New Year wishes.As the leading brand of China’s high-end car card, JIANGhuai Kaida plays an important role of “the last kilometer” in urban transportation, is the pioneer of urban logistics, and is the helper of the majority of card friends to create wealth.Jac Kaida New Year’s Greetings activity is open to gold customers, old customers, big customers and new car buyers and intended customers in the first quarter of 2022. The activity time is from January 10, 2022 to March 15, 2022.During the activity, JAC Kaida will send users “Kaida” gift package and other valuable gifts, but also zhenxing no. 1, chuangfu sedan card and other rich models for users to test drive.As the leading brand of China’s high-end car card, JAC Kaida has become the first choice for the majority of card users with its compact and flexible body, ultra-high adaptability, better fuel economy, strong power and reliable and durable quality.At present, JIANGhuai Kaida has X5, X6 and X7 and other models, more power with gasoline (1.6L/1.8L/1.5T), diesel, natural gas and other options, strong body is not afraid of rough work, can easily pull 2 tons.In addition to various forms of power, Kaida’s high appearance level is so that many card friends love.Take Kaida X5 as an example, its shape is round and full, black headlights and white body form a strong sense of visual impact, movement, highlight the charm.Into the car, its interior is also very delicate, multi-functional steering wheel, direction assist, MP5, air conditioning, electric doors and Windows, remote control keys and other car configuration, also make its driving comfort comprehensive upgrade.Looking good, driving comfortable, low fuel consumption and high attendance rate, Kaida sedan card has been recognized by numerous card friends since it came on the market, and even once appeared the charming scene of “Kaida Village” in the areas where Kaida is popular.After the introduction of the New Blue card, The rich choice of power and excellent product strength of Kaida sedan card will continue to provide the majority of card friends with more worry, more high-quality car choice.Whether it is equipped with Rayjet 1.6VVT engine kaida X5, or equipped with Rayjet 1.5T, Gennadwe D20 engine kaida X6 are the majority of card friends to create wealth good helper.Entering the year of 2022, the industry is changing and the needs of users are also changing. But for JAC kaida, what remains unchanged is that we always adhere to the operation in accordance with the law and constantly upgrade our products and services to help more users become rich with high-quality products and time-saving, labor-saving, worry saving and money-saving car experience.Edit: Little tank