How do people in Chongqing celebrate Spring Festival?Big data to decrypt!

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Which age group has the largest number of people staying up late this Spring Festival?Which industries are still there?What do tourists like to do?.Yesterday (7) China mobile chongqing company (hereinafter referred to as the “chongqing mobile”) on January 31 solstice data of stream of people issued on February 6, the 2022 Spring Festival big data report by these large data let’s look at how chongqing residents celebrate the year of the tiger after the New Year zero article of the Spring Festival, people shou sui 80 most New Year’s eve shou sui is an essential part of a lot of people a year after the ceremony.Big data shows that nearly 70 percent of Chongqing mobile users chose to stay home on New Year’s Eve.On New Year’s Eve, there are still a certain number of people staying up until 3 am.Among those who stay up after midnight, the post-80s generation accounts for 25 percent.In addition, according to big data statistics, 4.99 million people were still working hard during the Spring Festival, with the post-70s generation accounting for 25 percent of the total.In terms of industry classification, these workers mainly come from public administration and social organizations, wholesale and retail industries, leasing and business services.With the rapid development of 5G, more and more citizens have started 5G life. As of February 6, The number of 5G subscribers in Chongqing has exceeded 7.5 million.In the 5G era, choosing a 5G mobile phone as a New Year gift has become a new fashion. Statistics show that from January 1 to February 5, 2022, about 1.25 million people will choose to upgrade their mobile phones, and nearly 60% of them will choose 5G terminals.According to statistics, the number of people using wechat red envelopes on New Year’s Eve reached its peak at about 4.87 million at 20:00 that night, with nearly 30 percent of users using 5G terminals to distribute and grab red envelopes.Popular tourist attractions during the Spring Festival include trips to ancient towns, parks, snow and ice, and hot springs.During the Spring Festival, the number of people who choose to visit two scenic spots accounted for about 20%, among which the most popular combination of scenic spots is the south bank of Changjiahui Danzishi Old Street and Nanbin Road scenic area combination, Xiannushan town and Xiannushan scenic area combination, Hongyadong folk scenery area and Ciqikou ancient town combination.In addition, with the emergence of new business districts also led to a certain change in the flow of people.Among them, 11% of those who went to three Gorges Square business district last year chose to go to Jinsha Tianjie business district this year;Four percent and seven percent of those who visited Lee Chia-tin Street and Aegean Shopping Park last year chose Halo Shopping Mall this year.During the Spring Festival, the most popular live TV programs among family customers are Spring Festival Gala, Winter Olympics, football and so on. The average daily viewing time of mobile TV users in Chongqing is 6.5 hours.On New Year’s Eve, the number of people watching the gala on Mobile TV in Chongqing increased by 7 percent year-on-year.Coincing with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games during the Spring Festival, Chongqing Mobile’s mobaihe launched a special feature called “Ice and Snow Winter Olympics”, which was visited by 1.51 million people in total, and the number of live viewers on the opening ceremony increased by 13%.So far, the average viewing time of Winter Olympics-related programs is 1.5 hours, up 233% from last year’s sports program.In addition, the most popular on-demand programs during the Spring Festival are The Beginning, the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and The Sword In the Snow.Source: Chongqing