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Total feeling body is itchy recently, especially in the evening lie on the bed more itchy, thought at first entered the winter clothes to wear much cover, scratch scratch on the past.Never did not expect to take a bath last night found on the back of a lot of small red knots, think is what the situation, go to the hospital to see a doctor, did not expect to be bitten by mites.Home bedding and sofa carpet is the most likely to breed mites and lice, must do mite removal work.In order to be able to completely have a comfortable and safe comfortable sleeping environment, I changed all the bed products in the home can be changed, chose a happy home antibacterial mite four sets, with the effect is very satisfied.This four-piece set is packaged in a cardboard box with a beautiful bow inside for a more advanced feel, perfect for gift giving.I bought 1.8 meters of green style, feel green is more young and fashionable, also very suitable for my home decoration style.Let’s first introduce what is corn fiber, corn fiber, also known as polylactic acid fiber, from corn and other crops containing starch, into modern biological fermentation technology and special polymerization reaction spinning, itself is weak acid, natural antibacterial, no chemical additives, very mild to human skin.After testing, its inhibition rate to Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli is as high as 90%, which is much higher than GB/T20944.3’s requirement of ≥70% inhibition rate for textiles with antibacterial effect.This corn fiber anti-bacterial and anti-mite four-piece set adopts AB double-sided design.Side A pure cotton texture, selected from Xinjiang cotton, woven into yarn into this skin-friendly piece set.Its delicate and soft feel makes every night’s sleep look forward to.From gentle into gentle country, just a set of bed product distance.Absorption B surface air, using corn fiber and cotton blended collocation, cotton fiber natural high moisture regain, absorb human body place sends moisture, corn fiber through random spots in the fiber structure and discontinuous stripes, forming a good core absorption effect, will be timely moisture absorption of the fabric export, achieve the effect of the wet gas.The overall consideration of the delicate cotton, antibacterial anti-mite fiber clean, so that every night sleep can be in the skin and clean, enjoy.In my opinion, the most beautiful point is the embroidery embellished with Sweet Deram, which is gentle in details. When lying down, every dream is a SweetDream.As to the safety that the bed tastes also is very important, joy home corn fiber fights bacterium to prevent mite 4 sets, did not detect can decompose aromatic amine, did not detect formaldehyde, exquisite and soft, the sense of security that touches gets, set your mind at sleep every night, caress whole night healthy morpheus.The quality that the bed tastes good besides material qualitative, use mastow, it is detail on the other hand, this 4 sets all edge horn does not have thug, and quilt cover design has bind belt, assure with be fixed by the core not displacement.At the same time, the pillowcase is also designed with a 5CM flying edge, which will not appear so monotonous.This four-piece set is the kind of practical feeling, laying on the bed looks quite high-grade, not irritable, color and style is also very design sense, laying on the bed is very advanced, lying on it is really comfortable.The most important is the characteristics of antibacterial, anti-mite, which is also the reason I strongly recommend, do not let mites torture, catch the New Year is coming, give yourself a new bed of four sets.