Digital RMB New Year’s Money is coming

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The introduction of the digital yuan into Chinese life is accelerating.This Spring Festival, the digital yuan is playing more tricks.File photo: Digital RMB.Digital RMB red envelopes are here again.Many places give digital RMB red envelopes during the Spring Festival.Among them, Shenzhen organized six commercial banks of China, Agriculture, Industry, construction, transportation and postal savings, will hand out a total of 25 million yuan digital red envelopes, covering life services, large supermarkets, catering consumption, retail supermarkets, culture, sports and tourism and other fields.The Xinjin district of Chengdu issued 26,900 digital RMB consumption red envelopes with a total value of 2 million yuan, which are divided into 66 yuan and 88 yuan, and can be consumed at designated shops in Xinjin during the event.The reporter noticed that the digital RMB (pilot version)App has been upgraded recently, one of the major changes is to increase the consumption of red envelope tips, can independently display the balance of the red envelope.Digital RMB APP.Is it fashionable to issue New Year’s Money with digital RMB?The reporter learned that a digital RMB Spring Festival red envelope card relying on digital RMB hard wallet technology is currently in a small-scale trial run stage.The card was launched by Meituan and Bank of China under the guidance of the Central bank’s Data Research Institute.How do you use it?Account management, recharge and other operations can be carried out on the card through the DIGITAL RMB App.The red envelope card can be used for consumption in the rich online life scenes of Meituan platform, and also supports users to use digital RMB at offline merchants, realizing the “online + offline” linkage.It is reported that the red envelope card has digital RMB controllable anonymity, smart contract and other functions, and the form is more suitable for the elderly, children and other groups “taste.”Digital RMB Spring Festival red envelope card.The Chinese New Year is coming up against the Winter Olympics, where digital yuan payments can also be made.It is reported that during the Winter Olympics, the Bank of China will provide “soft wallet” and “hard wallet” two digital RMB pilot services.You can open, recharge, consume and cancel the “soft wallet” through your mobile phone.The “hard wallet” will be in the form of a physical wallet, corresponding to the cards, bracelets and other physical Products exclusive to the Winter Olympics, some called “ice core”, some called “snow ring”.The reporter has experienced the scene many times “hard wallet”, there is a call visual card hard wallet, with the same size of the bank card, but the difference is that there is a small window on the card, can show the amount of transaction and balance, every consumption, the window of the number will automatically change, automatic deduction, with very convenient.There are also wearable digital RMB wallets, such as glove wallets, which can meet the demand for convenient payment during winter sports. At ski resorts or ice skating rink, athletes and tourists wearing gloves can complete digital RMB payment with a touch.Digital RMB visual card “Hard wallet” can display balance and transaction volume.As the application of digital RMB continues to enrich, more and more people will use digital RMB. Now, ordering take-out food, taking a taxi, buying air tickets and taking the subway can all be paid with digital RMB.It is reported that the People’s Bank of China has launched the digital RMB pilot program in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi ‘an, Qingdao, Dalian and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, basically covering the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, central, western, northeast, northwest and other regions.By December 31, 2021, the number of digital RMB pilot scenarios has exceeded 8,085,100, with a total of 261 million individual wallets opened and 87.565 billion yuan of transactions.Have you ever used digital RMB?