A laundry list of good!High open high go red envelope, probability geometry?

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1, National Bureau of Statistics: actively launch policies conducive to economic stability (although the provincial statistical departments are nothing, but the national level is in the core sector, it seems that the post-Spring Festival growth policy combination can be expected, which is A booster for A shares).2, more and more of the fund to buy their own fund (although I do not have much fantasy fund, but this at least shows that it is no longer hit dish short).3, Goldman sachs and double 叒 叕 downgrade of U.S. economic growth, it is the biggest benefit for the global, because the root of the recent global stock market crash is too good for the U.S. economy, high inflation fear, let the global capital market today, only a slowing U.S. economy, the federal reserve to raise interest rates will be more “soft” and “slow”, the dollar index is weaker,The stock market is less “scared”).4. During the Spring Festival holiday, the peripheral stock market rose like A rainbow (since the a-share market was closed, only three trading days, the DOW Rose 1244 points or 3.6%, the Nasdaq rose 993 points or 7.4%, the peripheral stock market rose, the fear index VIX plummeted, the market mood improved;Up to now, during the spring, domestic and foreign policy news is good, foreign: Goldman Sachs lowered the US economic forecast, the Federal Reserve rate hike is expected to be digested, the DOLLAR weakened, the US bond yield fell, the global stock market rose like A rainbow;Domestic: the top management continued to shout, to ensure that economic growth continued to make efforts, in the pig price continues to fall, there is no short-term inflationary pressure, cut the reserve ratio and even interest rate are worth looking forward to.Summary although from the technical point of view, the market is very weak, but after the crash in the foreign stock market skyrocketing and domestic policy stimulus, next week’s market sharply higher open 3400 points above the mark is appropriate, and the shock attack to impact the downward 5-week line, so that the weekly chart closed a sharply higher open positive probability is large,The vast majority of stocks next week will appear more than 10% of the increase, before the layout of the small scattered took a big red envelope is basically certain.Looking ahead to next week, excluding the impact of sudden major news, the main operating range of the market is 3400-3470 points, the limit operating range is 3370-3500 points, the maximum amplitude of 130 points, the market is expected to jump sharply next week high open (at present, when the opening is above 3400 points), take a break to digest 5 days of offline pressure will shock up,The continuous impact of the 10-day line, weakening its suppression will recover the 10-day line under the support of the 5-day line, the impact of the 20-day line and the 5-week line, thus appearing a high open high go of the volume of the Yang line, when the close above 3450 points and may close near 3470 points.