2/13 Analysis of 2 games: alaves low performance, valencia away attack weak

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Alaves VS Valencia Alaves, Sunday 005 La Liga: Alaves finished 16th last season and have won 4 and drawn 5 from 23 games in La Liga this season
With 14 losses and 17 points, the team is currently ranked 19th in the league. Three of the four winning games in the league this season have been at home
The team, high altitude ability is very strong, this field is sitting at home, opponent Allawi
Slovenia played one more game in the Copa del Rey in midweek, losing 3-1 to mid-table Elche after conceding the first goal in the last league.Valencia: 13th last season, 11th this season with 30 points from 7 wins, 9 draws and 7 losses in 23 games, valencia winger Guedes has 11 assists this season, second in the league, the team has scored in four consecutive league games away from home.
Three of them have scored at least two goals, but the team has only one win, two draws and two losses in its last five games
20%. The only win was in the Copa del Rey with one more player
And beat mediocre Cadiz 2-1.Comprehensive analysis: 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses in the last 10 games against Valencia, with a winning rate of 50%. However, I have been defeated in two consecutive rounds of away games recently, and I have won against Atletico Alaves, and Alaves has been undefeated in six of the last ten home games, so I think I can still remain undefeated in this game.Sunday 006 Dutch first division Valvec v Feyenoord Valvec: lower middle division walvec have won 5, drawn 7 and 9 of their 21 games in the Bundesliga this season
With 22 points, valvek is currently 13th in the league, with a 75% unbeaten rate of 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 4 matches
And the opposition is not strong, including the home 2-1 defeat of the lower side Of the Fortunasitad, the last three league at least two goals in two games at home, the recent attack is strong, but Valvek more than a Dutch cup in midweek, this game Feyenoord are not good.Feyenoord: upstream team feyenoord this season the eredivisie 21 war 14 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats 45 temporarily ranked third, feyenoord league scoring 2.38 this season, scoring just less than leaders, ajax team playing league 4-0 victory at the downstream side Sparta Rotterdam, nearly four league games 3-1 winning percentage by 75%, the recent record well.Comprehensive analysis: nearly 10 matches against Valvek only 3 times net loss opponents more than 1 goal, less defeat, there is a certain gap in strength, this match Feyenoord win without doubt, kick is expected.