Su yiming responded to the “low score” rumors

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“Thank you for your attention,” Su told Xinhua. “I was in good shape today and did what I wanted to do.I don’t pay particular attention to the scores of the judges, but I am very happy to get this score.”Beijing, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) — Chinese snowboard teenager Su Yiming made history by winning the silver medal in men’s slopestyle on Sunday, but claims that Canadian judges scored low in the event went viral.Su yiming said that she did not pay special attention to online public opinion and scores, but was satisfied with the results.On February 7, Su Yiming of China competed in the competition.”Thank you for your attention,” Su yiming told Xinhua. “I was in good shape today and I did what I wanted to do.I don’t pay particular attention to the scores of the judges, but I am very happy to get this score.””Max (Parrott) and Mark (McMorris) are both international ‘god’ skaters and my idols. I grew up watching their videos and imitating their moves,” su said of the two Canadian rivals’ performances.I feel very honored to stand on the podium with them!”Finally, Su yiming asked everyone to continue to look forward to his performance in the big platform competition.The second runner-up Su yiming (left) and the champion Parrott (middle), the third runner-up McMorris at the souvenir ceremony.Figure/xinhua Beijing Olympics snowboarding man slope skills after the final curtain, conference held after the game some time later than scheduled time — three medal winner in the mixed zone interview was very warm, whether it is a gold medalist, anticancer fighter Max parrot, or bronze medalist Michael morris, are the media of the day darling,Not to mention Su Yiming, who made history for Snowboarding in China, was greeted everywhere by a series of interview machines and recording pens.There are no words to describe the big day of “little Supposit” on February 7. Walking down the podium as the runner-up and passing through the mixed interview area, Su was stumped by a well-meaning joke: “Do you think you outwitted Tiger Mountain today?””I don’t know how to describe it in words.””I was holding them on the podium and said, ‘I can’t believe it. It’s amazing that I can stand on the podium with my idols in my hometown in my first Winter Olympics.'”Su admits that he has fantasized about standing on the podium of the Winter Olympics for many times, but the moment comes true is short of words. “When the moment really comes, I am only excited, and I don’t know how to describe and express my feelings.After all, it’s something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”▲ After the match, Su Yiming was very happy.Su Yiming scored 78.38 points in the first round, 88.70 points in the second round, and only 66.58 points in the third round due to errors.At the post-match press conference, the Chinese snowboarder calmly replayed each round.In Su’s opinion, he had a slight flaw in the prop area in the first round, which should have contributed to the lower final score than expected, but provided confidence for the second round.He was most satisfied with the second run, although it was not ideal for the perfect run. “The second run combination was a challenge for me because I had never done it before,” he said. “1800 degrees was also for the big platform, and it was my first time in the slopestyle.Slopestyle is a little bit different from the big jumps — a small mistake can cost you a lot of points, so every move has to be perfect.It was really a challenge for me to do all six under those conditions.”As a result, Su was happy to finish the second run smoothly, but he stumbled in the third run when he was trying to do better.Fortunately, I dealt with the “small embolus” in time. “After the problem appeared, I took the third trip as a training opportunity and made some preparation for the big platform later. I will be more focused in the big platform competition, and it is really difficult to fight.”Besides preparing for the grand platform competition, Su also didn’t forget to cheer gu for the grand platform final: “I didn’t pay much attention to her because I had a competition today.In fact, I don’t even need to watch it. As long as she feels good and plays at her normal level, she can easily make it to the final.I hope she has fun in the final and enjoys it.”Related report: Making history, ‘Yi’ Su Yiming picks silver ‘Yi’Tsui Hark sent blessings to the editor on duty I Yan Zu