Spring Festival family drama “the world” by what move people?

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Adapted from liang Xiaosheng’s MAO Dun Prize-winning novel of the same name, the contemporary reality TV drama World is a hit during the Spring Festival, attracting many young people to watch the drama with their parents.The story of three generations of a Zhou family living in “Guangzi slice”, Jichun City, Jiangliao Province, northeast China, unknowingly flows slowly into the hearts of the audience.In bullet screen, many people are talking about the drama “easy to cry”, why it moves people?With the way of life epic, the TV series fully restored the texture of life in that era.The story begins with the separation, showing the traditional and warm atmosphere of the Zhou family.Zhou Zhigang, played by Ding Yongdai, is a construction worker of the first generation in New China. He is dedicated to the construction of the big three lines. He not only has excellent professional skills, but also pays attention to teaching his children by word of mouth and deeds and deeply loves his father.Sarina plays the mother considerate, New Year by the elders urged marriage scene is also quite appropriate.Chen Daoming’s narration full of power and texture, soft light and shadow, meaningful shots, actors full of tension performance, the drama slowly laid out, is the way of life of generations of Chinese people, is also the realism of Chinese drama.The young people of that era reflected the inspiration and pain of the era, and kept moving forward with their ideals, inspiring the young people of today.The human relations of that era also warmed the young people in front of the screen.In the exercise of life, people in the play have their own philosophy of life, there are people who live fully sober, but also for love to give up the opportunity to further development, but the most touching, is between people from acquaintance, friends, and then to the friends;Even in the face of external pressures, there is still mutual empathy and understanding, even if it is a small amount of help for others.The grand and complex world is in harmony with The Times and with the audience in detail.No matter how times and circumstances change, kindness and courage are always the simplest and most important qualities.Along the way, the Chinese people, with the imprint of The Times and the precipitation of time, have overcome many practical difficulties and harvested strong spiritual strength.As director Li Lu said, the 50 years of great changes in the lives of the Chinese people are the result of countless people’s patience, perseverance and responsibility.