Scatty’s mod further enhanced her station output and allowed her to age.

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Tips: Scarty, Modules, Fearless, Resurrection Armor, Age, Boss.At the same time of the arrival of the new activity (talk about Dedi’s module, can play “age phase”, but not the boss does not want to practice first), another batch of agent’s module is also implemented, this time intrepid and the merchant template module.The intrepid is a controversial branch of the class, and Scarty has been criticized for its strength, but now it can be beefed up with the help of mods.There are two modes of intrepid, such as Flash Knight And Breaker, which increase the damage by a certain percentage, and Scarty and Tangmaru, which give a chance to resurrect, each with their own advantages.1. Skarty’s module has further enhanced her station output ability, which can be used to play her “age phase”. This time, Skarty’s features have been greatly modified, which intuitively enhances the station ability.Every deployment will no longer exit when knocked down for the first time, gaining an additional percentage of health with health regeneration and increasing attack speed by 30 points.In short, it gives Dede a resurrection armor, but the second life is lower, but the endurance is much better than before.When there is no mods, there is a drawback that the enemy can not finish the fight before being knocked down, wasting such a high total damage.Now Dede can fight most of the bosses, except for enemies that kill in one second like stage 1.2, There is a wonderful match between The “surging elegy” and the module, and the skills are also played properly. The panel of the fearless Didi is exaggerated, with high health and not low attack power. The effect of the module can be understood as adding additional health to Scarty, feeling almost a small boss.If you use Blue venom as a unit of health measurement, After the module is triggered, Scarty will still have the health of two blue venom and still be standing.In fact, In some cases, it can not be said that skarty with the module is a qualitative change, the big dad such multiple damage of the enemy is still unable to carry, even when breaking bones when starting the module can be instantly killed, against a few elite monsters are indeed much better than before.3, can carry module, Katie, and new boss “, “spell a spell, ability of yard well Katie output capacity is not low, the module life blessings just can cause more damage to an enemy, then again, Katie, as in the depths of the sea hunters itself played a giant monster, the” old “nature also can beat up a meal.And “age” is also a god, if I remember correctly, it has also been mentioned in the plot, scholars in Yan think that the god of Tara is actually a giant beast that appeared long ago, this wave is “Di Di killed god”.Besides, the sea monsters that Scatty had fought before felt much more terrible than this. If they were resurrected completely at the age of age, they would only have to sacrifice a city in Yan, and they might be worse than the monsters at the bottom of the sea.Dedi’s summary: those who have not yet trained Skarty players can train to play if the resources are abundant, with the module can still play a strength.Personally, I prefer to use di di’s two skills, which increase the attack power by 170 percent and cut some tricky enemies.The module’s life span is also good enough for 30 seconds of damage, and Scatty’s talent is just enough to reduce redeployment time, which works well with the module and can be used for fun to a certain extent.