Return, New Year’s visit, the vehicle over a person ok?See how the traffic police deal with it

2022-05-07 0 By

Yangzi Evening News network On February 4 (reporter Guo Yipeng correspondent Zhou Bo Gu Jingting) At 9:30 on February 4, Nanjing high speed a brigade of traffic police on duty at the Huning high speed Ma Qun public security checkpoint, found a white “Iveco” stop-and-go, very suspicious.Traffic police pulled the car over and opened the door for inspection, only to find that the car was not only full of people, but also packed with luggage.Traffic police were even more surprised when a woman hid behind a battery car in the trunk.After counting, the traffic police confirmed that the vehicle carrying 7 people was actually carrying 8 people.Subsequently, the traffic police made a fine of 100 yuan for the illegal behavior of the driver overmanned not up to 20%, and recorded 3 points of punishment, and ordered the driver to overmanned passengers.February 4 at 10 o ‘clock in the morning, Nanjing high speed nine brigade police in ning Ma high speed toll station for public security inspection, stopped rui driving anhui E book car.In the face of inspection, Rui mou is very nervous, the inspection found that Rui mou driving car nuclear load 5 people load 6 people.The inquiry learned that Rui mou plan and old children to Nanjing New Year, thinking of the child is young, the police can not necessarily find, found can also ask for a feeling, then holding the psychological departure of luck.Traffic police rui mou this behavior put forward severe criticism, and patiently explained the harm of this behavior.The return peak is coming, Nanjing traffic police to remind the majority of drivers and passengers friends, overcrowding is a serious illegal behavior, because the vehicle load is too heavy, will lead to motor vehicle brake failure, brake failure, once there is an emergency or dangerous situation will cause serious traffic accidents, even casualties.Life is not a joke, overcrowding is not advisable, do not drive or ride overcrowding vehicle when out.Proofreading Su Yun