It’s not as famous as Westport

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Reporter \ Mi “Although Paku is one of the three major gambling cities in Cambodia, paku is less famous and less scary than Westport!”A local Cambodian girl said she often read about Westport in the news, including shooting, kidnapping, falling and other vicious cases.However, Along with Poipet and Westport, one of the three major gambling cities, Bardomain seems to be much more low-key.On the morning of February 16, journalists visited Pawu City in Tay Rieng Province to learn about this remote town.Padu City, located in the easternmost part of Tay Rieng province, is close to the Border with Vietnam.Economically, however, it is far worse than Westport;As far as fame goes, it’s about the same as Poppy.In fact, a few years ago, Baryu was an unremarkable frontier town with few famous tourist attractions, but one casino after another has been built as casino licences have been issued.In recent years, the town has come to prominence as Chinese have flocked to the area for online gambling.’After Cambodians, the largest number of people here are Chinese and Vietnamese, most of them Vietnamese, and many of them are in the gambling industry,’ said A Local girl who speaks Chinese, Arlene (not her real name).”But unlike Westport, we rarely hear of falls, gunfights, kidnappings, so the security is much better.”Ms. Arlene said baryu’s casinos were fiercely competitive and some of them closed. There are now more than a dozen bricks-and-mortar casinos in Baryu, with the largest number of gamblers being Vietnamese.’The casinos here have roulette and blackjack,’ she said. ‘You can go in and play any time you have a dollar.’Prior to the outbreak, Vietnamese gamblers spent $800 million a year gambling in Cambodia, most of which was concentrated in Paku, according to media reports.’Here, as long as you do your job properly, do your job properly and don’t mess with others, safety is guaranteed,’ said Xiao Chen (pseudonym), a Young Chinese man working at a local construction site.’There are Chinese gambling here, but it’s much more low-key than in Westport,’ he said.”The bus is not big, there is only one street, from the market to the border port, casinos on both sides of the street, line up next to each other, and all open 24 hours a day.Chen said that there are many Chinese people panning for gold in Bayu. For example, in our industrial park, there are both garment factories and tire factories. As long as they are divided, they can still make money!At night, when all the neon lights of the casinos are on, this edgattva town radiates a mesmerizing charm like a lovely beauty.Although in the eyes of many people, Paku is just an ordinary gambling city, in fact, paku is developing constantly in all aspects. We believe that paku will be a shining pearl of Cambodia in the future.Phnom Penh, Cambodia police arrested 7 suspects, suspected of being Chinese nationals # International Intelligence agent ## Daily International Vision ## Cambodia #For more information on Cambodia, venture capital, and the community, download the APP