From pickled fish to pork products, two generations have been “studying” prepared dishes for 20 years

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“We will be to open another factory” north jiangsu, suzhou hao food co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “food”) general manager yu wen first introduced this, prefabricated food enterprises in suzhou more than 20 years, in the face of expanding scale and production and requirements of more and more high, luxury food choices north, to build new factories in suqian.Cold media reporter | Chen na 1 the expansion of the factory, focus on precast food said the cause of the north jiangsu factory, yu wen admitted first “because this request is too high, per acre tax 800000 yuan, if can do it, may be signed the contract, but there is no way, in another factory in the town of suzhou because of environmental problems after the demolition, he decided to find another way out.Yu Xianwen has already thought of the following layout: in March, he will start building a cold storage and production base of about 10,000 square meters. At the end of the year, he will follow up the second phase of the project to rebuild a food industrial park covering about 200 mu, partly to meet his own production needs, and partly to rent out.”Where is your market?Will that affect the business?”Facing Leng Shi jun’s question, Yu Xianwen pointed to a map of China marked with many red dots and told Leng Shi Jun: “Here are some big customers, more than 600 or 700 yuan can be put on this map, like Urumqi, we may do more than 3 million yuan a year, but not on the map.”Customers all over the country, But Yu Xianwen modestly said: “in fact, we do not know many industry leaders, we are in a region to do their own thing, so simple, just live at home, my ‘big family’ well run, this is my goal.In 1999, Yu Shaoping, Father of Yu Xianwen, came to Suzhou from Fujian province and started the seasoning freeze-dried goods business. Within a few years, he developed more than 80% of the food factory business in Suzhou city, and his customers included Hadrer, Weizhixiang, Weizhimei, Knorr and Su Aayi.In 2002, the company’s trade volume remained stable at about 150 million yuan, but Yu Shaoping still wanted his son to live a more stable life in the future. He could not be as poor as he had been when he went to Suzhou from Fujian province to start his own business, set up a stall to build a store, and slept from four o ‘clock to eleven o ‘clock every day, so he began to lay out a new way for his son.Seeing the “kadia” supermarket in Shanghai doing well, Yu Shaoping also wanted to open a supermarket chain, but also named “Hao’s”.After running four supermarkets, HE found that management was becoming more and more tiresome. His friends joked with him: “Mr. Yu, although you do well in trade, you can’t do it in a factory.”A word to wake up Yu Shaoping, he “unconvinced”, 2007 investment 1.2 million weitang town in Suzhou Xiangcheng district opened the first factory – Suzhou Hao food Co., LTD.”At that time, my father wanted to prove himself, and he knew better. He invested only 1.2 million won, but when the investment failed, he earned a new business.He ran the factory full-time while his mother ran the stores.But then there was the problem of what to do with it.”Mr. Yu said.At that time, many enterprises in Suzhou were making pure vegetables, and they were more like relatives than relatives. Yu Shaoping was very confused and decided to go to Anhui province to make preserved products, which was the birth of hao’s first product, dried herring.Two years later, the single item reached 16 tons per day, still in short supply, and Howe’s food has since gained a foothold in the prepared vegetable circle.The 1.2 million yuan factory was also valued at 16 million yuan, a tenfold increase.With more confidence, Mr. Yu started thinking about expanding, renting a new factory of nearly 2,000 square meters.From dried herring to preserved pork and duck in sauce, to fan bones, salted pork hands and pork chops, Hao’s food products are also gradually increasing.As the factory was located in an industrial park in Suzhou city, Hao Food gradually gobbled up smaller factories nearby and turned them into bigger ones.In 2008, Howe took his food to his own land and built his own factory, thus ending his “renting factory” career.In 2013, Yu fell ill and called Yu, who was already earning 160,000 yuan a month, home to take over the job.Yu Xianwen, who never thought of going home, also changed a lot because of this misfortune and began to accept his father’s arrangement.As soon as he took up his post, Yu Xianwen was “thrown” into the production workshop with a salary of 3800 yuan per month. He did all the work from learning technology to getting familiar with the whole process.In 2014, he was transferred to sales to help his father expand his business.Two years later, his sales reached their peak, and in seven or eight months, he increased his “Taiwan grilled sausage” project from 2 tons per day to 40 tons per day.Feeling successful, he bragged to his father that he could dry the product to 100 tons in one year, but his father refused and cut down 30 tons from the original.”He said that this product is made in Suzhou, which is not in line with the temperament of Fujian people and wastes resources and funds. I didn’t understand it at that time, but I understand it now.”In 2017, Yu xianwen tried to introduce a sales team, and began to win the position of general manager based on his strength in all the competitions. Suddenly he began to manage hundreds of people, and he felt a little “happy” and more “proud”.But when he paid his salary on the 20th, he realized how much pressure his father always insisted on paying his salary in advance and never taking out loans.”It felt like everything was connected to me,” which made him feel “tired.”In spite of his brilliant sales, he turned grey within a year.If the first year as general manager, Yu Xianwen or confused, to the second year, he got through the two.He drove around the country to meet customers in markets. “I wanted to know what they wanted,” he said. “It’s not that there’s no market for pickles, it’s just that they’re more sophisticated and more competitive.”Since then, Mr. Yu has divided his products into segments: a prepared product for chicken;Two is the pork conditioning products;Three is preserved products;Fourth, aquatic products.In 2018, Yu also focused on hotel cuisine.At the end of the food channel, Yu Xianwen insists that all outlets depend on themselves. “Our outlets have a main battlefield from Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Wuxi. This is the traditional mode at the very beginning.Yu Xianwen always felt that he was lucky. His father’s efforts laid a certain foundation, and his accumulation in the workshop enabled him to settle down and do many things seriously.In Yu xianwen’s eyes, the so-called glorious history is nothing but the accumulation and efforts of two generations.He wakes up at 5:40 a.m. and sits at his desk at 6:30 a.m., 365 days a year, unless he’s too sick to move.Yu xianwen hopes that in the future there will be efforts of the third generation to make the company become a century-old enterprise. He is still impressed by his father’s words: glory is not a temporary thing, but it will be as good as it is 20 years later.His father asked him to learn how to be a good person before doing things, and he also asked his son to do the same.”I’m not saying I have a high requirement for you academically, but I have a high requirement for you as a person.”He warned himself not to be arrogant, not to go with the wind.Business needs to be prepared for crisis in times of peace, where there are people, there is a market, home business to do a little bit more detailed, to go a little bit more stable.In Yu xianwen’s opinion, preparing prepared dishes is all about knowledge, including packaging, products and channels, which requires “tricks” and persistence. Different channels will have different packaging for different clients.”Small packages are very important, because the bigger your package, the higher your price, and people think you’re expensive.”Many employees work in luxury food, monthly income has been, workers earn money happy, yu wen first feel a sense of accomplishment, “I have to measure our workers, the average a year to work time on 10 to 11 hours a day, 4500 guaranteed worker average wage, do the purchase more than 5000, nearly more than 10000 per month plus performance,When I was high, I could get 16,000. We were happy when they made money.”In addition to the original channels, Yu Xianwen tried to contact Shang Chao and live broadcasting. He hoped that 2022 would build himself into a Douyin anchor. As a hands-on person, he believed that he should not regard himself as the most intelligent person, but as the most real one.”The history of Howe is two generations of hard work every day, hard work in particular,” he said.Interactive frozen food platform to collect prepared food “dark horse” enterprises, if you are the development of prepared food enterprises, immediately scan the code, deadline to join, participate in, you may be the dark horse!Overall planning | Wang Xiaoling editor | Lu Fenling Beauty editor | He Menghua — Statement — this public number where marked article, reprint please contact for authorization, and according to the requirements of the source of this public number and other parts of the text from the network, copyright belongs to the original author,If there is infringement, please contact delete – cooperation! Reprint! Breaking news – phone/wechat 18638259395 (please be sure to add friends note: name + company + position)