Debtors personal bankruptcy reorganization, how much do you know

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Let’s take a look at liang XX’s personal real bankruptcy reorganization case.”In the case of XX Liang’s personal bankruptcy reorganization, XX Liang showed a strong desire and efforts to repay her debts.After the failure of his business, he actively sought a job to make a living.Apply for bankruptcy before the family of five austerity has been adhere to repayment, maintain a lower standard of living;Liang XX and his family highly cooperated in the bankruptcy proceedings, fully and comprehensively performed all the duties of faithfully declaring their obligations, and declared that their personal and family property and debts were basically consistent with the final verification results of the administrator;The restructuring plan was supported by the family and the spouse also took part of the income to pay off debts.”Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court bankruptcy chief Cao said, because of this, in the first creditors’ meeting, creditors understand the debtor’s repayment efforts, fully affirmed his sincerity.Bankruptcy court to service the general situation, the justice for the people and the principle of fair justice, accurately understand and apply the law of the People’s Republic of China civil code and other laws and regulations, determined to stop disputes, protect creditors, the legitimate interests of the investors and enterprises, optimize the operating environment and give full play to the functions of commercial trial, provide advanced judicial service efforts.According to the restructuring plan that took effect, in addition to the elimination of property, other revenues will be used to repay debt over the next three years.If Liang XX cannot strictly implement the restructuring plan, the creditors have the right to apply to the court for bankruptcy liquidation.Personal bankruptcy system is to rescue the debtor’s predicament on the basis of fair repayment.The debtor, Liang XX, is faced with debt difficulties due to the failure of investment and entrepreneurship. The creditor’s rights and debts are cleared fairly through the personal bankruptcy procedure, and he will repay the debts with the income of himself and his spouse within a certain period in the future.Under the guidance of the judge’s interview, Liang XX will resubmit the application for personal bankruptcy reorganization in the next step according to her debt repayment ability and willingness.Shenzhen then by the debtor to declare property, creditors apply for the claim, manager’s investigation to verify, and review the bond right test results and exemption property listings, vote on the restructuring plan, and the debtor according to the reorganization plan to repay the debts under the supervision of management personnel of various procedures for the first time comprehensive, complete and 3 d showed the public debt.While approving the restructuring plan, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court decided to lift the action restriction measures on Liang XX in accordance with the law, providing strong support for the debtor’s economic rebirth.