Casa joined V5 feel very satisfied, interview say TES biggest problem, with strength has nothing to do

2022-05-07 0 By

The heat of the e-sports industry now everyone is obvious to all, S11 again, we earned the title, LPL ushered in the e-sports boom, the heat is very high, the development of e-sports gained more, we also see a lot of want to pursue this season’s team, they recruited a lot of top players, the new season is in order to get good grades in the new season, so there are many galaxy warships.From the beginning of the spring competition, many netizens have ranked these teams. From the end of the transfer period, many people think that EDG, RNG, TES are the first tier, BLG, WBG, LNG are the second tier, and other teams basically have no chance to win the championship. But after the competition began, everyone developed their guesses wrong.Because there are a lot of uncertain factors appear, leading to the original strong team is not imagined strong, there are some not strong team suddenly rise.We’ve seen a lot of dark horse teams emerge this season. For example, rookie and Casa V5 teams are still very strong. OMG has also suddenly emerged as a dark horse and is now unstoppable.They didn’t do well in the new season, they lost to V5 and OMG, they got a lot of scolding.Recent news about them also many, for instance in a interview in V5, also mentioned them, is that the V5 recently released the latest video, video inside each player said a lot of things, and for the interview is mentioned by TES, it’s nothing strange, after all, he is from there, and in the case of not notified by small day crowded go,It’s still a little irritating, but Casa doesn’t say anything bad about them, but he helps them out.At first, he said that he was very satisfied after joining V5 and he made a lot of progress. At that time, he said: “One of my biggest functions is that I will tell everyone in the training matches that whether we play well or not, we should open our minds to discuss with our teammates.It means that communication can be done well no matter what the situation is.Then he also said TES in an interview the biggest problem, has nothing to do with the strength, communication has a big problem, at that time he said: because I think I was in some of the team, because there are things not to talk about, and then we all hold back, hold back did not play better, will also let you hold back very uncomfortable.It’s obviously TES.In fact, this is also a good thing to say, this is not to say bad things about TES, but to say that the biggest problem in TES itself, communication has not done a good job, this sentence is to help fans to clarify, TES is a player with strong personal strength, why is the problem?It’s communication, and this is a reminder to TES that it’s time to work on communication, what do you want to say about that?