Also an Olympic champion, why is Gu Ailing more famous than Xu Mengtao?

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At this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, The Chinese team made new history at home.In addition to the traditional gold medal event, short track speed skating, The Chinese team also made a good showing in skiing.This has xu Mengtao, Qi Guangpu such veterans, more a new generation of champions Gu Ailing and Su Yiming.In contrast to the veterans’ bumpy journey, gu Ailing and Su Yiming, who are not yet 20 years old this year, represent the hope and future of Winter sports in China.In particular, Gu Ailing’s legendary family history provides a lot of space for Chinese people to imagine.First, the country hopes, the national idol compared with Gu Ailing, Xu Mengtao is the veteran representative.Although they are both freestyle skiers, their age and experience are very different.Xu Mengtao took the road of juguo system, while Gu Ailing was a combination of personal interests, family education and national sports, which is more special than ordinary athletes.Xu Mengtao, born in 1990, is 13 years older than Gu Ailing in 2003.Compared with her contemporary Xu Mengtao, Gu is clearly superior.In fact, Xu Mengtao started training is not skiing, but individual gymnastics.Only at the age of 12, when Xu Mengtao first showed her talent in the provincial Games, her father sent her to the head coach of the national team, and then began to learn skiing.Since 2006, Xu mengtao has emerged at home and abroad, winning the second place in the National championship, the silver medal in the Asian Winter Games and the silver medal in the World Cup.However, her journey to the Winter Olympics has been a bumpy one.At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Xu made a mistake and finished sixth.In the next Olympic cycle, she endured hardships and honed her skills, eventually winning a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Games.However, Xu was absent from the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.In Beijing, she won a silver medal in freestyle aerials with her teammates and her first Olympic gold medal in the event.Gu, on the other hand, started skiing at the age of 3, began freestyle skiing at the age of 8, and joined the Skiing competition in the United States at the age of 9.In 2018, Gu achieved international ranking at the age of 15.The following year, he won the gold medal in the slopestyle slopestyle competition held in Italy.Gu’s performance was no flash in the pan and she has since started dominating the platform, halfpipe and slopestyle.The Winter Olympics won two gold MEDALS and one silver.This winter Olympics is even better.Like millions of Chinese athletes, media darling Xu Mengtao failed and rose again and again from local to national teams to win the world championship.Gu Ailing was born and grew up in a foreign country. She has a prominent family and enlightened parents, and she grew up in a relatively free education.Born in the United States, but always mindful of her Chinese roots, a gifted teenager with a hard-training gene, Gu has a lot to learn from.Let’s start with Gu’s family history. Her grandfather, Gu Zhenguang, was a soccer player at a prestigious University in China and excelled in poetry and painting.My grandmother was a talented student of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She used to work in the Department of Transportation. Her vision and knowledge were naturally incomparable.In the United States, the two elders paid much attention to gu Ailing’s patriotic education.They teach by word and deed, deeply affecting Gu Ailing.Of course, to her deep influence, or mother Guyan.Gu Yan, who graduated from Peking University and obtained an MBA degree from Stanford University in the United States, devoted herself to finance. Her most successful education is for her daughter Gu Ailing.Gu’s mother is also a skier herself.The special education of three generations gave Gu Ailing deep national emotion.Although she has made outstanding achievements in the United States, the patriotism instilled in her since she was a child still makes Her choose to serve her country.Despite her accolades, Gu never considered herself gifted.Her success comes from hard training and her deepest love for her country.Gu, who rose to fame as a young woman, held her own in the Chinese winter events.Her success will inspire millions of Chinese to participate in the spectacular winter sports.And those businesses, early smell the value of Gu Ailing, young beautiful, outstanding performance gu Ailing, countless commercial endorsement received soft.Compared with veterans like Xu Mengtao, Gu and Su are younger and represent the future of Winter sports in China.However, no matter xu Mengtao or Gu Ailing, or the Chinese athletes who did not win a medal but did their best, they all deserve our praise!