48 hours after the Chinese women’s soccer team won the gold medal, CCTV sent a major surprise, 42 million yuan make men’s soccer shame

2022-05-07 0 By

The Chinese women’s team title for 48 hours, sent big surprise CCTV, 42 million shame let football over the past two days we were very happy, because the Chinese women’s team in the Asian cup finals 3-2 reversal successful got the Asian cup championship, this time the Chinese women’s team is also done with ShuiQingXia incredible game records,Let’s give our applause to the whole Chinese women’s football team. They did a very good job in this Asian Cup. After the Chinese women’s football team won the championship, everyone is very concerned about one thing.Bonus how many Chinese women’s football, now in a period of time in front of the CCTV also brought the big surprise, CCTV, the height of the reviews and affirmation of the pay of the Chinese women’s team, the way to win is also become very motivational, this time the Chinese women’s bonus how many, according to the current Asian cup title now has a bonus of $1 million,In China, Mengniu directly awarded 10 million yuan to the Chinese women’s football team. Because the Chinese women’s football team was really good this time, the official of the Chinese women’s football team who got the bonus also expressed their gratitude.In addition to mengniu’s reward of 10 million yuan, Alipay will also reward 13 million yuan. How to divide the 13 million yuan? First, 10 million yuan will be given to all the players of The Chinese women’s football team, and then 3 million yuan will be given to the whole coaching team.42 million yuan is a very impressive reward for Chinese women’s football team. Although the reward is already very generous, it is actually a piece of cake for Chinese men’s football team.When the men entered the Asian cup 12 strong, they each won one game can get 6 million yuan, if they are successful to the World Cup, estimates that reward a is entirely possible, of course the Chinese women’s team and the Chinese football market also is unable to compare, the Chinese women’s team, of course, more pure,Because their prize money is not very much, their professional level is more severe than the Chinese men’s football team.